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How Gambling Sites Are Changing Online Entertainment

Online entertainment has come a long way since the very first websites appeared in the early 1990s, followed by some basic games. Some of the biggest and most positive changes have been led by gambling sites, where the following are some of the main industry-leading changes that they have brought in.

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The Lack of Storage Needs

In the early days of online casinos, players had to download the software for it. This was free to do, but it was time-consuming and meant that your computer would be filled with extra pieces of software if you wanted to sign up to several casinos.

Nowadays virtually all casinos offer instant play, in-browser games. Even complex games like the latest slots or live dealer roulette can be played in this way. The same applies to bingo games, where there is nothing for players to download before they play.

Many sites offer a huge collection of games that can be accessed in this way. Even mobile players can simply navigate to the site in their browser and begin to play, with no app to be downloaded to their device.

With the example of Paddy Power Bingo UK & Ireland, we can see a bingo lobby, lots of slots and some scratchcards among their selection. Players can simply click on the heart symbol to access all of their favourite games in one place on the site.

There are now many other sites that feature arcade games, sports games, word games and other ways of playing as easily as this. The days of having to download software to play online games seem to be over.

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No Physical Purchase Needed  

Another important point with these games is that there is no need to pay anything or buy any sort of additional device. You simply sign up for free as a member and decide whether to play for fun or use real cash as your stakes.

This is a move that we can now see reflected in other types of online entertainment. For instance, in online gaming, it seems that the future is more about accessing games through streaming rather than buying physical copies of them.

The new Xbox Series S is fully-digital. This means that you buy the console but don’t need to buy any physical games. Every game that you play on it will be streamed to your device. This is similar to an approach used by online casinos, where live dealer games are streamed to the player’s screen.

Mobile users will keep an eye on the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Previously known as xCloud, this streaming service, launched in September 2020 with more than 150 games on it that mobile users can stream.

It seems likely that physical games disappear almost completely before long, as gaming companies follow the model seen on gambling sites. Google Stadia and PlayStation Now are among the streaming services that let players access their favourite games online.

A look to the future suggests that we will continue to see innovations in the online entertainment industry, with gambling sites leading the way.

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