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How Online Bingo Introduces Non-Gamers to the Gaming Fold

Gaming has never been more in-demand than it is now. Aside from traditional consoles that sell hundreds of millions of units globally, PC and mobile games are skyrocketing in popularity. With so many titles and platforms to choose from, it’s natural for players to enjoy a range of games, from League of Legends to FIFA and Call of Duty.

Even non-gamers are showing an interest in the latest releases. However, it isn’t only a plethora of new games that motivates more people to experience the benefits of the industry. As it happens, online bingo is a platform that introduces non-traditional users into the fold, with many free bingo games to get them started it is not hard to see why.

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Casinos Use Similar Techniques  

If you like to play online casino games and bingo, you’re not alone. The likes of poker and blackjack complement bingo because the digital platforms implement similar customer experience methods to make gameplay engaging and exciting. Some providers even mix the positives of both industries to appeal to more players. Paddy Power bingo slots are perfect examples as they combine key elements of bingo and slot machines to excellent effect, highlighted by titles such as Fishing Frenzy Megaways and Deal or No Deal Slingo. However, it seems the link is concentrated in the online bingo sphere since only 6% of bingo players have placed bets in a land-based establishment.

Bingo Is Mobile

Online entertainment is changing to the point where you only need a few basics to play from anywhere in the world, and this is signified best by mobile gaming. Bingo has benefitted from the fact that modern smartphones have storage space for apps and utilise 4G and 5G technology, making it incredibly accessible. However, it isn’t the only game that has prospered. Free-to-play titles are among the most popular in the world for the same reasons. As a result of using inclusive hardware and software, F2P releases and bingo are regularly found on handset and tablets, making it easier for you to switch from one to the other when you want to change-up your gaming habits. The trend of F2P games is so powerful that Sony and Microsoft are taking notice, which means bingo will introduce more casual gamers to console editions in the future.

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Online Bingo & the National Lottery

Picture a classic-looking bingo player in your head. Have you got it? Now, put it to one side because it’s probably wrong! Although people expect bingo players to be older, the reality is that up to 80% of online players are between the ages of 35-64. These are the generations that grew up with limited gambling options, such as the National Lottery and scratch cards. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 82% of bingo players play the National Lottery, too. Plus, 40% regularly buy National Lottery products such as scratch cards. As a bingo player, the odds are high that you belong to this age category, which means there’s a higher likelihood of playing different versions of games, such as ones that are lottery-based.

Online bingo introduces non-gamers to the gaming world because it’s mobile-friendly, shares similarities with other platforms and appeals to a specific type of player.

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