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Online Roulette India’s Most Popular Game in December 

December 2020 was a great month for online roulette in India, beating out all other forms of interactive entertainment to become the nation’s most played game. A hard-fought victory, given the overall size and strength of the online gaming world, this was a development few on the outside might have seen coming. For those up to date with online casino growth and India’s expansion into the digital sphere, however, something like this wasn’t entirely surprising.

Taking a look at some of the key components of this achievement, we wanted to examine the story of roulette’s recent success. From humble beginnings to the best in the business, here’s what our research uncovered. But before that, we need to take a look at the game itself.

What Made Roulette the Biggest Hit? 

There are enormous libraries of different casino games online today, which raises the question of why roulette performed the best. Difficult to answer, the reasons for this are likely a reflection of online casino advantages and gambling interests of the Indian public.

In online casino games, most players are looking to extend the convenience and choice of the casino into regular play. Roulette is one of those examples that rides the line between casual and serious engagement. There’s a lot of flexibility here, and this seems to gel with some aspects of Indian culture. It could be because of how busy modern life is, it could be the younger-skewing generation, or it could be something else entirely. Ultimately, it’s a question perhaps better answered by a cultural anthropologist.

The Evolving Online Casino Market 

The very first digital casinos went online in 1996. Almost hilariously primitive by today’s standards, these casinos marked their arrival with clumsy first steps. This might paint them as unpopular, but even back then, the opposite was true. At the time, very few online games could hope to be large or visually advanced. In fact, the very first two breakout MMORPGs, Ultimate Online and Everquest, wouldn’t release until 1997 and 1999, respectively.

As it turned out, the simplicity of casino games gave them a distinct advantage in the online world. These have always been games that rely on engaging gameplay over visual flair, and by leveraging that idea, they still became enormous hits. Combined with the early fascination of being able to play games online at all, these games had a strong start. They even managed to sidestep the dotcom crash, which dragged down many in the 1995-2000 period.

The success of casinos with India continued into the 2000s, maintaining an upward trend alongside the general growth of online digital entertainment. As computers got faster, the games looked and ran better. As internet speeds increased, the games took less time to load. When smartphones arrived, casino games made the jump.

In the modern age, online casinos like those at have expanded considerably. Many of these place games like roulette front and centre, even going so far as to guide players with rules and practice tables. Commonly offering hundreds of games over desktops and mobiles, and bringing players in with bonuses and welcome offers, this market is bigger now than ever before.


India’s Connectivity 

Looking towards future growth, there is one obstacle standing in the way of future success, which is digital adoption. Despite being one of the biggest markets on the planet, India is running a bit behind when it comes to online technology. In 2019, only 36.7% of the population used smartphones, for example. This means nearly 900 million people without access to current online mobile technology.

With average incomes in India rising, and mobile phones and general internet connectivity still on the rise, the future for online gaming in India looks bright. If current trends hold, roulette will likely continue to play an important part in this equation, though whether it remains king is yet to be seen.

Until then, Indian players who want to get involved in the online world are bracing for another year of rapid online growth. There’s never been an easier time to get involved in online interactive entertainment, and the barriers to entry fall lower every day. Whether looking at casino games like roulette or somewhere more general like traditional or older video games, get prepared for India to make its mark.


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