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Review: The Edifier G2 II Gaming Headset

This Pink Gaming Headset is Just Too Cute

I am Princess Pixelz and THIS is my first hardware review for the channel. Today I will be looking at the Edifier G2-2 Gaming Headset.

Who is Edifier?

Edifier is a Beijing-based audio solutions company that specialises in headphones and speakers. They have a range of ten amazing gaming headsets and I was lucky enough to be sent the G2-2 for review.

I have been playing various games over the past few days from Broken Age and Hollow Night on my own, and they a lot of Rocket League with Friends to get a feel for the mic.


The first thing you’ll notice is the cutest little kitten ears on top which have been made popular by many female streamers across Twitch. The Powder Pink colour with soft grey padding is awesome and matches my bedroom. The headset also has these amazing colour changing lights on each which totally rock.

To wear, they are super comfy and the noise reduction cups help keep out all of the screamings from my little sister!  The Big R & L in the cups also help when you don’t have the mic plugged in… for quick and easy putting on. The build quality is great and had a solid head arch and really soft ear pads. The mic feels robust and during my online tests, my friends could hear me clearly.



  • Great 360 degree Sound
  • Very cool L.E.D lights 
  • Easy to mute
  • The pink colour is awesome (but also comes in black or white)
  • The ears are super cute
  • Cable means no charging
  • The cable is very long as well should your USB port be far away from your gaming chair.


  • Cables are a little bit old school (you could pull the computer off your desk when you get up)
  • The instructions in the box are for PC only (but they just worked fine on the Mac without any additional software)
  • They didn’t work on my consoles

Conclusion: Edifier G2 II Gaming Headset For The Win

The Edifier G2-2 are super cute in pink, but also come in midnight black or ice white if pink is not your jam. The 360 sound is amazing and the mic is clear and easy to mute. The cable will be a big no-no for many people but if you only intend to keep it with your gaming rig, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I would have liked them to work on Xbox as well, but you can’t have everything, so these will sit pride-of-place by my PC.

If this review has been useful, please give it a like, demand more videos from me in the comments and I will be back with another video very soon.

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