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Gamification is shaping the online casino industry

Hearing the term Gamification for the first time can raise a few eyebrows, yet the word gives strong hints about its meaning. It clearly has something to do with games and their influence on the online gambling environment. To be more precise, it refers to the application of game elements to everyday environments. The purpose is to create a reward system for participants, one that is capable of keeping them happy and entertained. It is used by gambling companies primarily, but also ventures with no gaming connections.

A powerful tool for online casinos

Internet gambling operators were among the first to understand the usefulness of Gamification. They were also well-positioned to incorporate this new idea into their business and make the most of the opportunity. They were already focusing on delivering the best games to an audience inclined to play at a competitive level. Since money is at stake, it is particularly useful to implement a program that will provide steady and predictable rewards to participants.

Gamification is used by online casino sites and gambling operators read more here — as a tool to bring in new players while keeping existing ones motivated. It bears some similarities to regular bonuses and promotions, which are also used as effective tools. The difference is that punters are encouraged to take part in various challenges and competitions that reward them with different prizes. Some have monetary value, but others are simply achievements that help them stand out from the crowd.

The concept of Gamification was successfully implemented by social media companies. These wide networks involve millions of individuals, so they are perfect for spreading the news quickly. Through challenges and more competitions, it provides a strong incentive for players to get on the bandwagon. People who would normally steer clear from a certain website or content might be intrigued by a campaign or challenge. On social media, they are also likely to share their performance with friends.

Gamification is evolving at online casinos

Creativity and Gamification go hand-in-hand and the most successful casinos know how to tap into its immense potential. Their promotions are increasingly creative and provide multiple alternatives to those who choose to take part. Some of them were inspired by video games, which have actually perfected the concept and gave its name. Role-playing video games were built around the concept of frequent and long-term rewards which keep players at the edge of their seats and hungry for a new experience.

The challenge is to provide players with permanent and convincing reasons to stay active. Customer retention is one of the biggest challenges in the online casino industry, where competition is crushing. Through Gamification, online casinos have a better chance at preserving their customer base, while expanding it by having players spread the news.

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