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How to start gambling at online casinos in India 

The online sports gambling industry has always received an overwhelming response from gamblers across the world. There is huge money involved in sports gambling, especially for professional sports. As a newcomer, you need to keep in mind that your success rests upon 2 major factors: the online casino you’ve chosen and your gambling strategy. Let’s discover those factors.

This article was prepared with the help of the online casino Casumo.

How to choose the best online casino for gambling in India

Choosing a reputable casino should be your first step on the way to successful gambling. Below we described the must-have criteria which a reputable online casino should comply with. 

  • Immaculate reputation. No one will ever resort to the online casino if he sees negative reviews from previous customers. This is why serious online casino platforms work towards satisfying all their customers and completing their orders ideally.
  • Innovative technologies. Smart software providers offer the latest gaming solutions, including live dealers, VR and AR casinos, TV bets, and other innovative entertainment possibilities. The more reliable software developer will support online casino platforms, the more updated features you will have during your play. 
  • Appealing visuals and sounds. In order to plunge into the gambling process completely, a player must be satisfied with the image and sound accompaniment. Online casinos that pay little attention to this aspect will be neglected.
  • Cross platforms. The possibility to offer players games on mobile apps (both iOS and Android)and desktop versions of browsers are amazing. Today, several online casinos rely on cross platforms as a key feature that a lot of operators look for.
  • Quality certificates and licenses. All software offered by online casinos must comply with the regulated standards of the local gaming commission. That is why professional casino game companies must have certified products and staff to operate in the chosen region. 

How to create the gambling strategy to play safely at online casinos

Many people who bet are unable to generate a desirable return on a consistent basis. In some cases, this is in spite of considerable in-depth knowledge and skills. Regardless of how sound their strategies appear and might actually be, they seem to fall short of their goals when gambling. Below we discover the crucial aspects required for successful gambling. 


  1. Build up your gambling strategy. Having a gambling strategy with an edge, a positive expectancy one that makes profits when executed consistently over time. The ability to be able to consistently execute the strategy to be disciplined.
  2. Keep patience. Stick to your rules and to stay disciplined regardless of your situation or circumstance, that will ultimately determine whether you are successful or not.
  3. Never gamble your rent money.
  4. Be prepared to lose. Despite having your best gambling strategy, take into account the possibility of a lost chance. That might happen even in math-based games. 
  5. Walk away when you’re ahead
  6. Never gamble when you’re dead tired. You’ll make bad and not wise decisions.
  7. Keep your winning expectations reasonable and let go of the belief that there is a possibility that you won’t have to return to work on Monday.
  8. You must pay tax on your winnings (if the casino issues you a 1099-G), but you can also deduct your losses from those winnings
  9. Never play games that you haven’t a clue about. Do a little research and make fact-based and informed decisions about the options you have available to you.
  10. Don’t forget to have fun! Gambling is entertainment on the first stages. 

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