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Elevate Your Gaming Skills: 7 Tips & Tricks to Help You Level Up

Reaching a state of complete concentration is often required to perform at your best while gaming. Whether it’s FIFA 22 or League of Legends™, achieving that state of mind with laser-beam focus may be the difference between winning and losing.

Some games may be fast-paced, and others may just be tactically complex, but what all games have in common is mastering skills and maintaining extreme focus. Here, we provide you with 7 tips and tricks to not only elevate your skills but also level up your focus to help you perform at your best.

Learn from the pros

Learning new skills is unlikely to just come naturally. Everyone needs a helping hand when they start out and learning from those who have already mastered what you’re trying to achieve is a great way to do so. Whether this involves watching YouTube tutorials or a fellow gamer live-streaming on Twitch, it’s a great way to gain advice as well as learn from others’ mistakes to help you level up your own game.

Whilst watching others teach you how to master certain skills within a game is useful, the real levelling up comes from applying the skill yourself. This is where the next tip comes into play.

Practice makes perfect

As with anything in life, to improve a skill we’ve got to practice. And gaming is no different. Whilst you’re probably not going to need to abide to the ten-thousand-hour rule to keep powering through the levels or mastering the perfect Sombrero Flick on FIFA, every hour counts.

Set aside a small portion of time a few times a week, or perhaps every day, to practice the game you’re wanting to master. More regular but shorter bursts of practice are likely to be more beneficial than fewer but longer sessions because as your focus diminishes, the quality of your learning is likely to diminish too. Keep it short and sweet for optimal learning.

Engage with your community

Although gaming is typically a solo activity, playing with friends or even getting to know fellow online gamers might help you to not only get to know some of the latest tricks to unlock the next level or beat your opponent, but it also makes gaming that bit more sociable. Playing multiplayer games, such as Sea of Thieves, gives an even better opportunity to work together with like-minded gamers creating strong bonds as you complete your missions together. Who knows, you might even make some new friends!

Get the right set up

Ensuring that you are comfortable while gaming can avoid the distraction of your body feeling the urge to move. Posture can play a big part in this, and so having the right equipment such as a chair that seats you comfortably upright with your screen at eye-level can make all the difference. There are plenty of gaming-specific chairs available these days, which will likely be a good investment for both your back and your gaming success! Likewise, create a gaming space free from distraction to maintain ultimate focus.

Take regular breaks

Gaming is a typically sedentary activity, which research suggests may increase feelings of fatigue[i]. Getting up and moving, especially in a way that raises the heart rate, helps to increase the oxygen supply around the body, including to the brain. So, incorporating some physical activity into your day may help to improve cognitive function and focus.

And, for the times when it might be easy to get carried away gaming for hours on end, even just a 5-minute break to refuel, rehydrate, and maybe go to the bathroom can give you the refresh you need to keep going.

Stay hydrated

It’s a basic human need, but one that is easily forgotten about when you’re in the gaming zone. Even mild dehydration can impact our ability to concentrate. Listen to your body’s cues for thirst, taking regular sips when possible. Drinking between 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day is recommended and a good target to avoid the detrimental effects of dehydration.

Try an energy supplement

Sometimes you need a little leg-up to reach your peak level of focus. Energy supplements can help to wake up your senses, making you more reactive to your opponent’s next move. Pro Plus® tablets are a convenient way to relieve the tiredness and fatigue that might be getting in the way of your concentration. With a controlled caffeine kick to enhance your mental alertness, you can be back to levelling up and getting one step ahead of your opponents once again.

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