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What Video Games Help You Learn?

The video game industry has become a worldwide juggernaut, both in terms of revenue it generates and the popularity it enjoys. While video games are a great hobby or pastime, they’re also psychologically beneficial. According to published research, 69% of the study’s participants experienced positive psychological outcomes as a result of playing video games. There are plenty of great benefits to playing video games besides learning as well:

  • Improved socialization skills
  • Improved motor skills
  • Improved memorization skills
  • Improved knowledge of various topics

Let’s take a closer look at how video games can help you learn so that you can better perform at other tasks such as studying, paper writing, or social interactions.

Better Research Abilities

Many video games will challenge you to solve complex puzzles to progress through them. You’ll often have to reference real-world resources found on the web to do so. This means that you’ll learn how to do independent research and find exactly what you need online on your own.

It can speed up and improve your paper writing process, especially for more complex academic assignments like research papers. You can also get your essay done for you when you’re short on time and need to hand in an important writing assignment fast. Playing video games is not only time well-spent, but it’ll also teach you the valuable skill of objective research.

Stimulated Creative Thinking

Video games are an amazing brain stimulant, no matter how old you are or what you do for a living. Puzzle games, adventure games, and more casual logic-based mobile games are great choices for creative thinking stimulation. The best way to play these games is with a clear mind and no online guides – simply let your mind do the thinking and take your time. 

While it may take you a bit longer to solve logic puzzles and brain teasers, you’ll feel very accomplished once you overcome them. The brain activity you’ve stimulated while playing video games will seep into your academic assignments and studying, leading to better memorization, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking.


Quicker Problem-Solving

Given that many games rely on quick reaction time and time management, you’ll easily learn how to solve problems more efficiently by playing them. Games like Factorio and Kerbal Space Program are great at teaching you how to arrive from point A to point B on your roadmap by planning a few steps. 

The same logic can be applied when you work on college papers, study for exams, or work on writing assignments. You can find research paper help online to quickly get your papers done if you’re too busy enjoying video games or working on other writing assignments. Quicker problem-solving will help you not only academically but also in other aspects of your life, such as hobbies, social activities, and house chores.

Faster Response Times

Playing action games, shooters, and fighting games can be just as beneficial for your learning as it can be fun to play these types of games. This is because you’ll develop more responsive reflexes, learn how to think on your feet, and boost your overall motor skills. 

Depending on what you’re studying, you can benefit from better motor skills in your extracurricular activities such as sports, arts & crafts, and other activities relying on hand-eye coordination. You’ll also benefit greatly from educational games for faster response times during oral exams, presentations, and other academic social interactions.

Overcoming Failures

If there’s one thing video games are good at teaching you, it’s to overcome failures and rise again to address them. Games like Dark Souls and Dead Cells are known for their steep learning curves but also for their sense of achievement and satisfaction at overcoming their challenges. 

By playing these and similar games, you’ll be able to learn how to learn from your mistakes, failures, and missteps, and grow from them as an individual. This is especially helpful when dealing with difficult college assignments and exams that will drain your energy. Start playing video games and keep the notion of overcoming their challenges in the back of your mind as you play.

Video Games as Learning Tools

Whether you’re an avid gamer or someone who casually plays mobile games, there’s a bit of something out there for everyone. Start by checking out some educational games and exploring what you can discover in the puzzle and adventure genres. You’d be surprised as to how many games are built with accessibility and casual enjoyment in mind these days – along the way, you’ll also learn valuable lessons by playing them.

Bio: Melony Hart is a professional content writer, blogger, and social media expert. She is passionate about her calling as a writer and loves all things writing-related. Melony enjoys writing essays, articles, and papers on educational and entertainment topics, both of which she also dabbles in her spare time.

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