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Choosing The Right Gaming Set Up

If you’re a video game streamer, having the ultimate gaming setup is crucial. Not only does it improve the quality of your streams, but it also enhances your overall gaming experience. Creating the ultimate gaming setup can seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and creativity, it can be accomplished easily. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the key elements to consider when creating your ultimate gaming setup.

Choosing a colour scheme

The colour scheme of your gaming setup plays a significant role in setting the mood and ambience of your space. You want to choose colours that are not only visually appealing but also help reduce eye fatigue during long gaming sessions. Dark colours such as black, grey, and blue are great choices, as they create a relaxing and immersive environment. I often find that a purple gaming setup is perferable.


Lighting is an essential component of any gaming setup. You want to ensure that the lighting is not too bright or too dim. Proper lighting helps reduce eye strain and creates a comfortable atmosphere. You can use ambient lighting, such as LED strips, to enhance the mood and create a more immersive gaming experience.

Cable management

Cable management is often overlooked, but it is an essential part of any gaming setup. Proper cable management not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your setup but also reduces clutter and improves airflow. Use cable ties, clips, and channels to keep cables organized and tidy.

Equipment for synchronizing your PC

If you’re using multiple devices in your gaming setup, it’s essential to have equipment that allows them to synchronize seamlessly. Devices such as KVM switches and USB hubs make it easy to switch between multiple devices without unplugging cables constantly.


The monitor is one of the most important components of any gaming setup. You want to choose a monitor that has a high refresh rate and low input lag. This ensures that your gaming experience is smooth and responsive. You may also want to consider the monitor’s size and resolution to ensure that it fits your gaming needs.


Sound is another critical component of any gaming setup. Invest in a high-quality headset or speaker system to enhance your gaming experience. You want to choose equipment that has excellent sound quality and noise-canceling features to reduce distractions.

Top 10 tips for getting the right look:

  1. Choose a colour scheme that suits your personality and enhances your gaming experience.
  2. Invest in proper lighting to create an immersive atmosphere.
  3. Use cable management to reduce clutter and improve airflow.
  4. Choose equipment that allows for easy synchronization between multiple devices.
  5. Select a monitor with a high refresh rate and low input lag.
  6. Invest in a high-quality headset or speaker system for better sound quality.
  7. Add ambient lighting, such as LED strips, to enhance the mood.
  8. Choose equipment that matches your gaming needs and preferences.
  9. Keep your setup tidy and organized for better performance.
  10. Take breaks to prevent eye fatigue and improve overall well-being.

Creating the ultimate gaming setup can be a fun and rewarding experience. It allows you to create a space that reflects your personality and gaming preferences. Remember to choose a colour scheme that suits your personality, invest in proper lighting, manage your cables, choose equipment that allows for easy synchronization, and invest in high-quality monitors and sound systems. With these tips in mind, you can create a gaming setup that will enhance your overall gaming experience and take your streams to the next level.

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