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Review: Metro VR | Meta Quest VR

Metro VR is a big blocky first-person shooting game and not to be confused with Metro Exodus VR. This game is set in an abandoned subway station, where you have to battle a variety of different robots all out to kill you.

Developed by the Polish company EpicVR, Metro VR is a short but satisfying VR experience that you can complete within an hour (after a few deaths). The graphics are a pixel art style with big blocky graphics and bold colours. The player navigates the Metro by pointing at the various markers on the ground. Once in place, a plethora of robot enemies from floating jellyfish to walking vending machines with semi-automatic weapons approach your location.

The game is relatively easy and FPS fans will complete it quite quickly, however, there are some legitimate jumps in the game as you fend over robots from all angles only to turn around you have one right behind you. There is a storyline about Flat earthers trying to take over the world, but that is not really explained in the game, only on the game’s blurb on the developer’s website.

There are a couple of different weapons and you can swap your gun hand if needed. The final boss is pretty difficult due to its high health count, but not too hard to beat if you have the patience.

Metro VR Gameplay

Overall, Metro VR feels more like a proof of concept than a fully realised game. EpicVR offers a selection of other services that include VR training, so Metro VR might simply be a portfolio piece they use to demonstrate their gaming services. They have a growing library of games but this feels like an earlier one ported over to the Quest. It’s rough around the edges, a little short, very simplistic but perfectly playable and enjoyable.

Check it out on the Meta Quest Store here:

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