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Review: Another Fisherman’s Tale | Meta Quest 2

Another Fisherman’s Tale, the highly anticipated sequel to A Fisherman’s Tale, has docked on the Meta Quest 2, delivering a captivating experience that surpasses the original in almost every aspect. This game is not a fishing game as the title might suggest but a mind-bending adventure with innovative gameplay mechanics, immersive storytelling, and a charming visual style.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

A Deeper Dive into Bob’s World

Bob’s tale has grown taller and more emotionally complex in Another Fisherman’s Tale, weaving a narrative that delves into themes of love, loss, responsibility, and freedom. The sequel places a greater emphasis on storytelling, offering players a front-row seat to Bob’s angsty Dad drama and presenting a central narrative that takes centre stage. Alongside the captivating story, the game introduces innovative puzzle mechanics that push the boundaries of VR gaming.

The standout feature has to be the ability to detach, replace, and control your hands, allowing for a myriad of creative and rewarding puzzles. With the addition of detachable hands, players can navigate circuitous routes, manipulate objects, and even detach Bob’s head to gain a fresh perspective. It’s like having mind control over Thing from the Addams Family. These mechanics, though initially challenging to master, provide an engaging and immersive gameplay experience that keeps players guessing throughout the adventure.

Another Fisherman’s Tale offers a generous amount of content, with a playtime of nearly four hours, four times longer than its predecessor. The puzzles, while not overly difficult, are consistently creative and satisfying. The game strikes a delicate balance by providing hints without being overbearing, allowing players to experience the joy of discovery.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

Bob’s Charming World Comes to Life

The star of the show, Bob, is brought to life by the delightful voice acting of French comedian Augustin Jacob, infusing the character with personality and charm. You will wish he was you’re dad by the end of the game. Another Fisherman’s Tale introduces a new cast of engaging characters, further enriching the immersive experience. The game’s linear, storybook-style adventure is accompanied by a sweeping soundtrack that perfectly complements the narrative, creating a truly immersive atmosphere.

The visual design of Another Fisherman’s Tale maintains the charming, cartoony nature of its predecessor while expanding into new and thoughtfully designed environments. The game’s simple yet cohesive art style translates well to the Meta Quest 2, ensuring a visually pleasing experience. Object interaction, although basic, serves its purpose in the context of the puzzles, and the absence of an inventory system streamlines gameplay.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

Smooth Sailing in Virtual Reality

Another Fisherman’s Tale offers a range of different perspectives and you will find yourself as a head on the floor, a head in a bird’s nest or dangling from a hook. While there are occasional moments that may cause slight discomfort, these instances are infrequent and brief. Overall, the game provides a comfortable VR experience that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

A Captivating and Heartwarming Voyage

Another Fisherman’s Tale delivers a compelling and innovative VR adventure. With its emotionally charged narrative, mind-bending puzzles, and charming visuals, the game surpasses its predecessor in terms of depth and content. While it may not reach the same mind-bending heights as the original, Another Fisherman’s Tale is a fantastic sequel that showcases Innerspace’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual reality gaming. Whether you’re a fan of the first game or new to the series, Another Fisherman’s Tale is a voyage worth embarking on.

Another Fisherman’s Tale

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