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Redfall Content Roadmap Wishlist

Arkane Studios has outlined its plans to provide ongoing support and updates for its upcoming game, Redfall. As the information from the developers is pretty generic, I have added that BELOW my suggested content roadmap which would be great but also a licensing nightmare. I am looking forward to Arkane releasing something way better.

“We have plans for additional guns, costumes, monsters, characters, and more that we can’t talk about right now. But we have a strong year of updates, and it’s all either in the current game or it will be DLC. We try to do it as fairly as possible for people.”

Harvey Smith

Redfall Content Roadmap (Wishlist)

New Locations and Nests


Redfall High School

Redfall High School is a large campus with lots to explore. As one of the oldest buildings in the town, it connects to various areas through caves and sewers. The Vampire Nest is home to a female brood of vampires with unique powers.

Defeat the next to unlock the following costumes:

  • Remi – Buffy Outfit
  • Jacob – Angel Trenchcoat
  • Devinder – Xander Outfit
  • Layla – Faith Outfit

Unlockable weapons:

  • Buffy’s Scythe Melee weapon
  • Faith Dagger Melee weapon

New safe house unlocked: Library

New areas unlocked: Caves & Sewers

Redfall Renaissance Park

One of the biggest draws to Redfall is the Redfall Renaissance Park, a medieval theme park filled with stores, shows, and rides. At its center, a small recreation of a medieval castle. The vampire nest here is different in that they are all telepathically connected to one of the ancients. A reincarnated ancient vampire from Europe who now inhabits the castle.

Unlock the following costumes:

  • Remi – Van Helsing outfit
  • Jacob – Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter outfit
  • Devinder – Trevor Belmont outfit
  • Layla – Lucian (Underworld)

Unlockable weapons:

  • Crossbow Stake Launcher
  • Abe’s Axe Melee weapon
  • Gods Molatoff / Holy Hand grenade (Blessed bottled water)


The Blood Club

The town’s abattoir has been converted into an underground nightclub and Vampire Nest. Get in there and clear it out!

Unlock the following costumes:

  • Remi – Abigail Whistler (Nightstalkers)
  • Jacob – Hannibal King outfit
  • Devinder – Blade leathers
  • Layla – Blade Leathers

Unlockable weapons:

  • Blade sword Melee weapon
  • New guns (+dual weald)
  • Compound bow with silver arrows with time-delay explosive tips.


The Lincoln Caverns – Return of the Lost Boys

Being a port town on the ocean, Redfall enjoys various cave systems. The Lincoln Caverns are now home to a splinter group of ‘young’ vampires starting a new nest. With a strange obsession with children, these vampires have collected a large number of children that they intend to feed on over the coming days/weeks. Once you learn of these survivors, it’s up to you to challenge them and return the lost children.

Unlockable Location: New Aveum
Upon saving the survivors you find some turned vampires that are not evil. They are placed in a converted Aveum facility where they can live of animal and synthetic blood.

Unlock the following costumes:

  • Remi – Rayna Cruz outfit
  • Jacob – Edgar Frog outfit
  • Devinder – Alan Frog outfit
  • Layla – Melaka Fray outfit

MCC Lilith – Container Ship

Hidden within a large container ship, a new next has been discovered. Packed full of the undead and dangerous traps, you have to be on your toes when creeping around in the dark.

Unlock the following costumes:

  • Remi – Jack Crow outfit
  • Jacob – Robert Neville outfit
  • Devinder – Dock Worker Boiler Suit
  • Layla – Sea Captain


New Enemy Types:

Whilst each nest will have its own new kind of vampire, there will also be the following:

  • The Turned: People who were fed on but not killed are now weak but erratic scavengers feeding off pets, rats and wildlife. When they see you, they are wicked fast.
  • The Lost: People coming out of hiding are looking for a safe place to hide. Help them to unlock new missions.
  • Telepaths: Vampires with telepathic abilities can make you see and hear things that aren’t there to lure you into traps. Find the telepath and silence them.


Redfall Content Roadmap (Official)

Hotfixes & Patches

The game will receive regular hotfixes and patch updates to address any issues and improve the overall experience.

Performance Mode

At launch, Redfall will only feature a Quality Mode on Xbox Series X|S. Unfortunately, Arkane Studios was unable to optimize the performance mode to meet their desired level of quality by the release date. As a result, Redfall will run at 30 frames per second instead of 60 frames per second. The Performance Mode will be added to Xbox Series X|S at a later date. If you are playing the game on a PC, this decision will not affect you.

Offline Mode

The Creative Director of the game has expressed interest in adding an Offline Mode to Redfall. While they are actively exploring this possibility, Harvey Smith has mentioned that no promises can be made at this time.

Additional Characters

The Bite Back Edition and Hero Pass of Redfall will introduce two additional playable characters. These new heroes will possess unique skills and offer distinct gameplay experiences. They will be released as post-launch content, although no specific date has been announced yet.

Live Service

Redfall is an Always-Online game. Although the developers have not mentioned any ongoing events or weekly hotfixes, Arkane Studios will utilize player data to make adjustments and improvements to the game.


Redfall Patch Notes 1.0

  • Increased enemy encounter spawn rates across the open world
  • Improved ADS (aim down sight) visibility when looking through sniper rifle scopes
  • Breakable glass will now shatter on first impact from all guns
  • When using additional ammo storage skills, ammo collected above the standard weapon capacity will now persist between gameplay sessions
  • Players can move without interruption when performing melee attacks against enemies
  • Bribón no longer idles in place after performing the Siren ability
  • Devinder’s Translocate ability is now more reliable when used in the Black Sun boss arena
  • Updated various mission descriptions and mission summary texts across all languages
  • Nests now unlock at the correct time when playing in New Game Plus (after completing A Voice in the Dark, and starting giving You Tomorrow* | or in the reverse order)
  • Added medical supplies to the path leading up to the Bloody Tom boss arena
  • General mission fixes and improvements

  • Fixed multiple instances of enemies appearing unresponsive in combat
  • Improved Vampire melee attacks to increase chances of hitting players in motion
  • Cultist and Bellwether enemies received general improvements to their combat behaviors, including faster reaction times
  • The Rook is now more relentless and will now hunt down all living party members. Kill or be killed
  • Rook Storm lightning bolts will no longer hit players through rooftops and most other unexpected situations

  • General improvements to human enemy navigation, including animation timing and responsiveness
  • Dormant Vampires are now more susceptible to waking up from player-generated noise
  • Enemies are now drawn towards the greatest threat during combat. This could be a player, Bribón, or an opposing enemy faction
  • Improved enemy pathing options across open world areas in both districts
  • Added mouth blood to additional Vampire facial variations

  • Players have higher chances of encountering additional and varied enemies while exploring the open world
  • Enemies are no longer able to shoot through certain walls in the Fire Station
  • Vampire Nest exit door will now appear correctly in the Shipyard heart instance
  • Improved many instances of visual issues at a distance, including materials and model adjustments
  • Mission Briefing sequences are brighter
  • Improved lighting and audio processing in many interior spaces in both districts
  • Skybox updates to prevent extreme star flickering
  • General improvements to collision detection and asset placement throughout both districts

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing certain decal streaming textures to fully load in, causing them to appear blurry
  • Resolved several situations where players could experience an infinite loading screen
  • Improved framerate performance in Bloody Tom and Miss Whisper psychic spaces and boss arenas
  • Players can now proceed past the Accessibility Menu on a new, unlinked account
  • Improved lighting performance in psychic spaces
  • Blood pool reflections no longer excessively flicker
  • Optimized VFX particle counts, emitters, and spawn rates for the following effects:
    • Shield and Inspiration enemy trait effects
    • Environmental fire and smoke effects in the Bladewell Campgrounds
    • Hero ability effects, including Layla’s Umbrella and Jacob’s Heart Stopper
    • Bloody Tom’s slam effect, and Miss Whisper’s death effects
    • Floating dust particle effects
    • Grave Lock effects
    • Psychic Echoes
    • Nest area-of-influence effects
    • Effects when placing Underboss skulls on vampire god pedestals
    • Blood tree disintegration effects
  • Optimized memory usage when using Jacob’s Raven ability
  • Black Sun’s clothing no longer renders animated blue materials
  • General improvements to stability

  • Increased the chances of players encountering enemies with special traits in multiplayer sessions
  • General improvements to stability and functionality in Multiplayer Lobbies

  • Left and right movement keys can now be successfully remapped to Left and Right Arrow keys to improve left-handed movement control experience
    • Players with existing game saves will need to reset their Mouse and Keyboard bindings to Default in the settings menu before attempting to remap movement keys to the arrow keys
  • Screen Narration supports additional paths for critical player communication:
    • Invites and Friend requests
    • Joining a multiplayer Lobby
    • Clients leaving a multiplayer Lobby
    • “Invalid Username or Password” error
    • Additional menu screens
    • Updated states of disabled UI elements once players Ready Up in a multiplayer Lobby
  • “Let Games Read to Me” option on first launch for Xbox Series consoles is now enabled
  • Adjusted the timing of several subtitles to ensure they display in the correct order
  • Screen Narration settings will now persist between game sessions
  • Added missing audio cues for Friends List section headers, and the Play Game button
  • Adjusted text size scaling for Bethesda icons
  • Contrast improvements for Ping text, multiplayer progression text headers, and Hero names
  • Controls will no longer lock while the Text-To-Speech field is open
  • Resolved instances where certain UI elements would lose cursor focus
  • Added error messages and warning pop-ups for the following situations:
    • Controller disconnections while on the Initial Input Screen
    • Clients de-selecting Ready after the Host launches the game
    • Players cancelling Friend requests
  • Added missing subtitles to Archive entries for the Giving You Tomorrow mission briefing
  • “Optional Details” is no longer a required field when reporting another player

  • Tutorial blades are now more responsive when multiple are stacked on top of one another
  • Settings will revert correctly during active gameplay when Cancelling in the Confirm Changes message prompt
  • Enemies will no longer lose nameplates and health bar information when canceling fast travel
  • Weapons loadouts will no longer swap into weapon inventory when starting new game sessions in quick succession
  • Safehouse keys have been added to the Key Ring
  • The Rook Storm meter now appears more consistently in-game, and in the Map
  • General improvements to Menu navigation and feedback

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