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Acer Partners with Platform Gaming Bar to Create an Epic Gaming Experience

Acer, the renowned hardware manufacturer of high-end Predator PC gaming hardware and accessories, has joined forces with Platform Gaming Bar to provide gamers with an exceptional PC gaming experience. Situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Shoreditch in London, this venue introduces cutting-edge hardware in a state-of-the-art gaming bar, offering players the opportunity to immerse themselves in gaming like the pros.

Platform Gaming Bar: Where Gaming Dreams Come True

The collaboration between Acer and Platform brings together top-of-the-line gaming hardware, featuring the latest PC desktops and accessories, to create a truly unique gaming environment. Whether you’re a novice, a casual gamer, or a seasoned pro, this venue welcomes all gaming enthusiasts to enjoy this exceptional setup. From an exciting date night to an intense gaming session or even a lively party, Platform Gaming Bar caters to a variety of gaming experiences. To foster an even more competitive gaming ecosystem, the group also plans to launch regular leagues and tournaments, providing gamers with thrilling opportunities to showcase their skills.

Tomaso Portunato, the Co-founder & CEO of Platform Bar, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Platform Bar is the perfect place to come together with friends for a gaming party or just to enjoy the competition. With the latest Acer Predator hardware, gamers can be sure they are getting the best gaming experience possible.”

Win a VIP Experience and Exclusive Discounts

To celebrate the collaboration between Acer and Platform, they are offering an exciting opportunity for gaming enthusiasts. By visiting the bar and requesting the exclusive code before the end of July, visitors can enter a competition for a chance to win a VIP package at Platform Bar. Additionally, they will receive a generous 15% discount on Acer and Predator hardware. Make sure to check out the competition entry video at

Exciting Times Ahead for PC Gamers

The partnership between Acer and Platform Gaming Bar marks an exciting chapter in the world of PC gaming. As these industry leaders come together, gamers can expect an unparalleled experience, complete with cutting-edge hardware and a vibrant gaming atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking intense competition or a fun evening with friends, Platform Gaming Bar promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming journey. So, grab your gear and head over to Platform Gaming Bar for a gaming experience like no other!

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