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Forge Your Own Path in The Walking Dead: Destinies

Fans of Comics and acclaimed TV series, The Walking Dead, are in for a treat as they embark on a unique interactive journey with The Walking Dead: Destinies. Developed by Flux Games and published by GameMill Entertainment, this forthcoming third-person action-adventure is set to appear on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. As a true Walking Dead aficionado who relished the TV series and Telltale’s rendition, the opportunity to influence pivotal moments in the narrative is bound to excite you.

A Universe Transformed by Choice

In The Walking Dead: Destinies, the undead apocalypse takes a new turn – your turn. Relive memorable scenes from the first four seasons of the television series, including the Greene family farm, the prison, Woodbury, and Atlanta. Your choices hold the key to altering the course of events. Will you save friends turned foes, or watch heroes fall at your hand? The narrative canvas is yours to paint upon.

A Hero’s Journey

Step into the shoes of the iconic Rick Grimes, awakening amidst the chaos of the undead outbreak. Your journey will be marked by assembling allies, battling through walker-infested locations, and making choices that will shape the lives of the characters you encounter. With over twelve recognisable faces from the series to choose from, including the likes of Michonne, Carol, and Daryl, the composition of your team rests entirely in your hands.

Combat the Undead Hordes

Engage in visceral third-person combat with an array of melee and ranged weaponry. Bats, katanas, revolvers, shotguns, and crossbows are your tools of survival as you fend off hordes of zombies. But remember, your actions have consequences – the life or death of characters, allies and foes alike, hinges on your choices.

Survival in a Broken World

Resource management, scavenging, and strategic planning become your allies as you navigate the apocalypse. Assemble your party, maximize their unique abilities, and defend your camp from the relentless threats lurking in the shadows.

The Call of Destiny

The Walking Dead: Destinies challenges you to live with your decisions. Delve into the tension of defending your camp, stealthily rescuing survivors, and confronting the undead threat in a “broken state.” Your choices will influence the outcome of the story, offering one last chance at survival before the encroaching zombie horde engulfs everything.

A Chance to Forge Your Legend

As the debut of AMC’s highly anticipated new series in The Walking Dead Universe approaches, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, and the Rick and Michonne story, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, your journey in The Walking Dead: Destinies prepares you to immerse yourself anew in the twisted world of the undead.

As a fan who has savoured the show’s intensity and the Telltale version’s gripping narratives, The Walking Dead: Destinies promises a compelling and interactive chapter within this enduring universe. With its launch on various platforms, including Xbox Series X|S, the opportunity to steer the course of history within The Walking Dead universe is just around the corner.

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