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Football Manager 2024: The Beautiful Game Returns

For soccer and gaming fans, the wait is almost over. The latest iteration of one of the most popular soccer video games of this century is nearing its release with Football Manager 2024 set to be released on November 6. Football Manager 2024 will be the 20th version of the popular series and promises to be the best yet to come.

In recent years, the popularity of Football Manager 2024 has almost mirrored that of sports betting. Much like several sports betting platforms have popped up in the last handful of years, offering fans excellent features and bonuses, the Football Manager series has done the same for gaming fans. Last year’s version, Football Manager 2023, saw five million users enjoy the game. That more than doubled the game’s previous average of two million users. Needless to say, that has contributed to the hype and anticipation surrounding the release of Football Manager 2024.

FM 2024

The premise of the Football Manager game is to put players in the shoes of the manager of a football club. They are allowed to pull the strings in terms of personnel, tactics, and everything else that goes into managing a club. Rather than the focus being on the players, Football Manager allows gamers to look at the beautiful game from a different angle.

A brief trailer for Football Manager 2024 has been released to give gamers a preview of what they can expect. Sega, the game’s publisher, has indicated that there will be improvements made to the financial and squad-building aspects of being in the manager’s seat. This will include the involvement of agents and a more intricate look at the buying and selling of players, as well as upgrades to match-day operations. Sega has promised to “deepen the immersion and elevate your gameplay experience.”

Fans of the Football Manager series will continue to have plenty of options when it comes to how they play the game. Once it’s released, Football Manager 2024 will be available to stream on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices. For gamers who use home consoles, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch will offer a special console version of the game that will have unique features only available to console users. Those who use Stream and Epic will be able to pre-purchase the game with a 10% discount and gain early access to it. PlayStation Plus subscribers also have the option of saving 10% with a pre-purchase of Football Manager 2024.

FM 2024

While the bar has undoubtedly been set high by previous versions of the game, Football Manager 2024 promises to be the best in the series. Fans can likely expect a similar experience to past years but with more elaborate features that dive even deeper into the world of football managers. Even visual improvements are expected with Sega promising “truer football motion.” Of course, the actual European club season is already underway for football fans around the globe. But those who also enjoy experiencing the gaming side of football won’t have to wait too much longer for Football Manager 2024 to be released on November 6.

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