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GAZZLERS Roars onto VR

Gazzlers is an adrenaline-packed roguelite shooter that challenges players to craft the ultimate weapons to fend off a horde of eccentric foes.

In the visually extravagant world of Gazzlers, prepare to embark on a virtual train ride unlike any other. Players will navigate their locomotive through the sprawling desert expanse of Ginkgo, engaging in vehicular mayhem while confronting an army of marauding adversaries.

Gazzlers boasts a striking comic book aesthetic paired with zany humor. As you hurtle through Ginkgo’s desert, you’ll face off against waves of opponents in a mad display of vehicular mayhem. Your mission: reach the Temple of the Machine God. With unpredictability around every corner, including unexpected encounters and jaw-dropping weapon enhancements, no two runs are alike. The game looks like an exhilarating journey where quick thinking and precision are your keys to victory.

Key Features

  • Pilgrimage of Steel: Embark on a pilgrimage in your trusty locomotive, armed only with your gun and shield. Traverse the lands of Ginkgo, face new enemies, and utilize weapons left behind by fallen Pilgrims.
  • Fight the Gazzlers: Battle hordes of Gazzlers, insane creatures on mechanical contraptions determined to halt your progress. Uncover the strategies behind their bizarre machines to overcome them.
  • Build Crazy Weapons: Unlock various weapon components and mods that alter your gun’s functionality. Upgrade and combine found parts during your pilgrimage to create a truly outlandish weapon.
  • One More Run: GAZZLERS offers an on-rails arcade VR shooter experience with roguelite-inspired encounters. Push your limits, gather Scrap, enhance your Skills, and embark on the pilgrimage once again, more formidable than ever.
  • Move It!: Designed exclusively for VR, Gazzlers demands physical aiming, blocking, and dodging as you navigate a hilariously unpredictable journey filled with outrageous encounters.

Expect a full review coming soon.

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