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Saber Interactive Unveils Jurassic Park: Survival

Dinosaurs are roaring back to life in an electrifying new single-player action-adventure game, Jurassic Park: Survival, freshly announced by Saber Interactive in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms. Set to unleash prehistoric thrills on Xbox, consoles and PC, this game is not only a dream come true for Jurassic Park fans but the game we ALL wanted when the original movie came out (Sorry Dino Crisis!).

Jurassic Park Survive

The Game Awards Premiere

Tonight’s Game Awards brought an earth-shaking revelation: Jurassic Park: Survival is in the works, transporting players back to Isla Nublar in the aftermath of the iconic 1993 Jurassic Park film. As the curtain rises on this thrilling adventure, players will embody Dr. Maya Joshi, an InGen scientist stranded on the island, plunging into a narrative-driven escapade tailored for ardent fans and admirers of the Jurassic Park legacy.

Jurassic Park Survive

Surviving the Post-Park Chaos

In this immersive experience, players face a pulse-pounding fusion of first-person stealth and action, navigating treacherous encounters with a vivid array of dinosaurs, each with its own distinctive and adaptable behaviours, a testament to John Hammond’s visionary world. Brace for an encounter of 65 million years as two different species collide in a gripping narrative poised to grip players’ imaginations.

“We’re honoured to embark on this thrilling journey, paying homage to the cherished Jurassic Park franchise,” expressed Tim Willits, COO of Saber Interactive. “Our goal is to capture the enchantment and awe of the legendary film by blending our development prowess with an authentic passion for the source material.”

Jurassic Park Survive

A Momentous Reveal

Jim Molinets, Senior Vice President of Production and Marketing at Universal Games and Digital Platforms, echoed the excitement, stating, “Our fans have longed for a game that immerses them in Jurassic Park like never before, and we’ve found a way. Teaming up with the incredible talent at Saber Interactive is the perfect culmination of Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary celebration.”

Jurassic Park Survive

Key Features to Anticipate

Explore Isla Nublar: From the towering park gates to the iconic Visitor Center and beyond, players will traverse a vibrant Isla Nublar teeming with reactive wildlife, dinosaurs, and unforeseen threats, breathing new life into the familiar landscapes.

Evade Prehistoric Predators: Outsmart, escape, and interact with Jurassic Park’s iconic dinosaurs. Utilise ingenuity, distraction, and stealth to navigate unforgettable encounters with some of the deadliest creatures ever to roam the earth.

Survive The Island: Armed with resources and wits, players face the island’s perils, seeking intelligent solutions to endure the multitude of lurking threats on Isla Nublar.

Witness the thrills and perils of Jurassic Park: Survival in the official trailer above

The trailer showcases the heart-pounding action and immersive world awaiting players in this long-anticipated adventure.

Jurassic Park Survive

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