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Judas – Trailer 2

Ghost Story Games, under the creative direction of industry luminary Ken Levine, has pulled back the curtain on its highly anticipated first-person shooter, “Judas.” The latest trailer, titled “Who is Judas,” offers a deeper look into this single-player narrative adventure slated for release on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Setting the Stage: The Mayflower, a City in Turmoil

Set aboard the Mayflower, a spacefaring city gripped by discord, “Judas” thrusts players into a world where citizens are primed to turn on each other for the slightest infractions. Machines wield control over every facet of life, from business to art and government. As Judas, players navigate this dystopian setting, becoming the catalyst for a mysterious story filled with characters to understand, influence, and change.


A Decisive Journey: Choices That Shape the Narrative

The “Who is Judas” trailer teases the heart of the game, presenting players with a crucial question: Will you mend what you’ve fractured, or let it all crumble into chaos? Each decision made as Judas reverberates through the storyline, ensuring a truly unique gaming experience.


Meet the Creators: Ghost Story Games’ Legacy

Founded by Ken Levine and former Irrational Games developers, Ghost Story Games is on a mission to craft narrative-driven experiences grounded in immersive world-building and engaging gameplay. With a legacy of genre-defining titles spanning over 25 years, the studio promises an unforgettable journey with “Judas.”


What Lies Ahead: Development Progress

Ghost Story Games is diligently advancing the development of “Judas,” taking on the responsibility of self-publishing worldwide. Eager fans can add “Judas” to their wishlist on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, building anticipation for a gripping narrative FPS adventure.

As the mysteries of “Judas” unfold, gaming enthusiasts are in for a riveting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Stay tuned for updates as Ghost Story Games continues to shape this intriguing narrative.


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