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Mediterranea Inferno Comes To Xbox

Mediterranea Inferno is a bit like the Matrix, you can’t be told what it is, you really just have to see it for yourself… But I will try and tell you about it anyway.

Today marks the exciting release of Mediterranea Inferno on Xbox Series S|X, a compelling visual novel set amidst the evocative landscapes of Southern Italy. Created by multimedia artist Lorenzo Redaelli, also known as Eyeguys, in collaboration with the talented team at Santa Ragione, this game promises to offer players a unique narrative experience that transcends stereotypes and dives deep into the essence of Italian culture.


Embrace Friendship, Desire, and Grief

In Mediterranea Inferno, players step into the shoes of Claudio, Andrea, and Mida as they embark on a journey to heal from the collective trauma of the 2020 pandemic. These three young men, reunited after two years of isolation, seek solace in each other’s company as they navigate the complexities of friendship and the haunting spectres of their own fears and desires.


A Journey Through Personal Reflections

Inspired by Redaelli’s own experiences and cultural heritage, Mediterranea Inferno draws from summers spent in Southern Italy, weaving a tapestry of familial traditions, local rituals, and the passage of time. Set against the backdrop of Martina Franca in Puglia, the game captures the essence of both comfort and melancholy inherent in revisiting familiar landscapes and cherished memories.


A Visual Spectacle Inspired by Italian Cinema

The art direction of Mediterranea Inferno pays homage to Italian horror cinema, with nods to iconic directors such as Dario Argento and Mario Bava. Vivid neon colours and dark, atmospheric themes evoke a sense of unease and nostalgia, while the photographic realism inspired by Luigi Ghirri’s work on Puglia adds depth and texture to the game’s environments.


Exploring Cultural Contradictions and Religious Imagery

Through its characters and narrative, Mediterranea Inferno delves into the complexities of Italian society, examining themes of privilege, boredom, and the enduring influence of Catholic imagery. Drawing inspiration from filmmakers like Luca Guadagnino and Pier Paolo Pasolini, the game offers a thought-provoking exploration of Italy’s cultural heritage and contemporary identity.

Join the Journey Today

Mediterranea Inferno invites players to embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultural reflection. Available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, this immersive visual novel promises to captivate players with its rich storytelling and evocative atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable adventure through the heart and soul of Italia!


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