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Nobody Wants to Die | Xbox Series X/S

The highly anticipated cyber-noir adventure Nobody Wants to Die from Critical Hit Games is coming on July 17, 2024. A new gameplay trailer has just been released, showcasing the game’s unique investigation mechanics and providing a glimpse into the dystopian world of New York City in 2329.

No one wants to die

Investigative Tools and Techniques

The trailer for Nobody Wants to Die reveals the signature investigation methods that are central to the game. Players will delve into complex crime scenes using a variety of in-game tools. Key investigative gadgets include:

  • UV Lamp: Analyze blood splatter patterns to uncover hidden clues.
  • Hand-Held X-Ray: Reveal secrets concealed beneath surfaces.
  • Time Manipulation Techniques: Rewind and fast-forward scenes to piece together evidence.

The trailer not only introduces these tools but also teases more sophisticated investigations available later in the game. You can watch the gameplay trailer here.

No one wants to die

A Dystopian Narrative Experience

Grzegorz Goleń, CEO and Lead Game Designer at Critical Hit Games, emphasised the team’s dedication to creating a rich narrative and graphical experience. “In Nobody Wants to Die, we give the player an opportunity to investigate a killer and uncover the dark secrets of the city, using the innovative in-game tools and their own moral compass as a guide.”

The game promises to blend immersive storytelling with cutting-edge visuals, crafting a unique and engaging experience for players. Artur Jaskólski, Co-Founder and Game Producer, highlighted the game’s dynamic investigations and exceptional visual effects: “It’s like two pieces of a puzzle that fit so well together. The dynamic and spectacular investigations the player can conduct set a new bar for in-game narratives and cinematics. We aimed to reflect the maximum level of realism supported by exceptional visual effects to immerse players in New York, 2329.”

No one wants to die

It will be here sooner than you think

Get ready to dive into the futuristic streets of New York City on July 17, 2024, when Nobody Wants to Die launches on PC and Consoles.

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