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All About Sunset Overdrive

I know that if the zombie apocalypse comes tomorrow then I will be camped out in a fenced technology park a few miles from my home. With its internal generators, a stack of communications equipment an array of security extras I would stand the best chance of survival. But this is the apocalypse according to games and movies up till now. Now I realize that the apocalypse doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy.

That’s the sentiment running through Insomniac’s third-person shooter ‘Sunset Overdrive’. Sure, the City has been locked down due to a mutant outbreak but who said survival can’t be fun?

Sunset Overdrive is shaping up to be one of the titles to watch in 2014. Its initial CG trailer sparked our interest as it boasted tongue-in-cheek shooting with Tony Hawk-style movements as players wall-ran, ground, and bounce over the horde of infected, blowing them away with a myriad of weird and wonderful weapons.

This week saw the release of a slew of new marketing materials including screenshots and even a gameplay video. The new game footage and press releases suggest that you can traverse the map without touching the ground, create your own character and join factions that include Ninja Boy Scouts and Fantastic Role Playing Nerds.


It sounds like the game has changed a great deal since its inception with Cameron Christian (lead designer) saying “When we first started out, combat and traversal were two separate things… Traversal was really used as a defensive measure but that didn’t last long once we discovered that shooting while grinding was fun”

Now I am fully behind wall running and scaling tall buildings after playing 50 hours of Titanfall I am definitely ready to take the next step. By mixing elements of Tony Hawk and the classic first-person shooter Sunset Overdrive has not only got my attention but has also got me very excited.


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