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CS GO – Tips to Improve Your Aim

A problem that many new CS: GO players are facing is bad aim. When you’re new to the game, you can’t exactly expect to have the best aim in the world, especially when you’re not used to the mechanisms of the game yet. In order to gain aiming skills, you need to have experience in the game, which you gain by doing teamwork and practicing a lot. 

There are a few other things that can help you learn how to aim better, though. You will, of course, not master it overnight, but these tips will be useful when you’re trying your best to get better at hitting the target. Here is how to improve your aim:

Sort Your Crosshair

Your crosshair is a very important aspect that helps you with your aim, so you need to get it sorted. It needs to be configured, which can be done by setting either an auto-exec file or a config one. The crosshair needs to match your playstyle, so you can’t overlook this. 

Make Proper Mouse Sensitivity Settings

As you could tell, mouse setup is essential in CS: GO, because it is one of the factors that influence aim. Before setting it up, make sure you have a big enough mouse pad with a very smooth surface. 

You should also set your mouse sensitivity to the one you feel most comfortable with. If you have a gaming mouse, that’s even better, because they have much better sensors than your typical mouse. As such, you’ll be able to adjust the mouse sensitivity to a proper one, as these mice allow you to adjust the DPI (Dots-Per-Inch). 

As a result, you’ll have a much better time trying to target your enemies and even end up shooting them, which will bring you a huge win. 



Work on Your Crosshair Placement

It’s more important than you think to practice your crosshair placement. It is what increases your chances of striking down your enemies, even when you’re in a rush to do it. It’s not easy, so expect it to give it many headaches until you eventually get better. Usually, you need to aim for the head, so play as many matches as you can until you get that aim right and keep going. 

Play Deathmatch

Practicing is the key to mastering your aim, and you will be on the right path if you try Deathmatch matchmaking. With this, you can concentrate on placing your crosshair properly, and landing as many headshots as you can. You should forget about KDR for the time being. 

Learn How to Move

Moving around has an influence on your aim too. It will be a real challenge trying to keep your precise aim while moving, but you need to learn how to do it. You can try sidestepping and shooting at the same time. Also, you shouldn’t go too fast, or you’ll ruin your aim. Make sure to practice your movements and become a master at them as time goes by. Similarly, if you are going to buy CSGO Skins, keep them low-key.

Final Thoughts

You wouldn’t have a great performance unless you learned how to aim at the target, so a few tips are necessary for preparing you for your CS: GO adventures. We hope that our advice will come in handy. While you are trying to achieve this, you can also try some betting at

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