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These are The Badass Smokers in Video Games

Smoking is not good. Many health illnesses can reside in the body of a person who consumes a lot of cigarettes. Smoking isn’t cool at all but when it comes to the fantasy world of gaming, there are a number of badass characters in the video games who made it look cooler. Well, such characters are not real and one cannot be as fast and healthy as them with smoking but let just say everything is possible in the gaming world. Here are some badass video game characters with smoking habits.


Solid Snake – Metal Gear

You probably would have the idea that this dude would be at top of our list. Even though a snake is required to be absolute top health, he smokes from time to time. He’s even so committed to smoking that he smuggled cigarettes with him on a mission in his stomach. Maybe Solid Snake started smoking cigarettes because it’s a super cool dad, big boss, smoked cigars because we can’t imagine Solid Snake succumbing to peer pressure from someone less cool than Big Boss himself.

Some of the other characters in the MGS games give Snake a hard time about his smoking in the codec calls but Snake is a true lover of nicotine and won’t budge. At some points in the missions, the cigarettes even have practical use in an earlier game he uses them to calm his nerves but in the later games, he mainly uses them to detect invisible laser beams. But later, he quits smoking and switches to e-cigarette which is the best and healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. Users can also get from smokingthings with e-liquids and be badass without harming their health.


Malcolm Graves – League of Legends

Now for the first smoker in this list that got into trouble for smoking. You think this rough-and-tumble orphan from Bilgewater could do whatever the thing he wants. He is so badass that his mom abandoned him and the only thing she left him with was a bottle of spiked milk Moloko plus as a baby man and that’s why it’s so painful that in 2014 they took his cigar.

Well, it was removed from his depiction on the splash screen, allegedly due to censorship and rating problems. This being the edge of the Internet, this reason was ridiculed especially, when it’s in a game that’s all about killing each other with over-the-top weapons like we can kill each other with war hammers but Graves can’t have his cigar? We are not sure if it was because of the memory or the storm of hypocrisy just blew over but, in the end, graves did get his cigar back.


Avery Johnson – Halo

He’s a big bad marine and he’s chopping on cigars. But it’s also the 26th century and we’re wondering if they’ve ever even heard of e-smokers. Avery Johnson’s character was based on the popular charismatic black marine archetype and specifically sergeant from the legendary movie Aliens. Would make sergeant major even more of a badass is the fact that smoking is totally forbidden by the United Nations Space Command. 

But there’s a good reason for the UNSC to ban smoking and not only because in space no one can hear you wheeze, but another commander Robert Watts was also a fan of Sweet William cigars. That apparently is the only intergalactic cigar brand and he had them delivered to his base until the cigars were tracked by the enemy, he was captured because it is a love of smoking. Johnson never got that stupid and his died as the result of a massive laser beam to the chest, like a soldier. Smoking didn’t kill this in Johnson’s case.

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