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What are Provably Fair Games and How Do They Work?

At the online casinos, you might have come across a separate collection of games known as Provably Fair Games. Ever wondered what those games are and why they are separately showcased? 

Well, Provably Fair Games are the games that render players to validate the outcomes in real-time. So, basically, you can check if blackjack games are rigged or not by the casinos or developers themselves. This can help avoid unfair games and save your money altogether. 

This is an important aspect for the punters who worry that they will be cheated by the online casinos. However, with the provably fair games, the casinos usually show and provide fair gaming to the players.

But how exactly does this lot of games work? Keep reading to know more about Provably Fair Games and how you can access them!

What exactly is the concept behind Provably Fair Games?

The concept of provably fair was introduced sometime after the introduction of blockchain technology. After all, these games take the concept of blockchain technology to showcase their legitimate nature. 

Blockchain tools record all kinds of transactions associated with them on a public ledger. The similar notion is applied to the Provably Fair Games too. So, it becomes difficult for the developers or the casino owners to cheat since everything is recorded. You will have absolute transparency in knowing the fairness of the games with provably fairness concepts.

How do Provably Fair Games Work?

Provably Fair Games are made up of three parts- Random Number Generators (RNGs), Number Seeding and Hashing.

As the name suggests, RNGs produce number sequences randomly. These numbers determine the outcome of the casino games through seeding. The sequence of the numbers generated can be as large as millions or billions every second. Hence, the result of the game is highly unpredictable. RNGs are generally present in all casino games. They are not something akin to only the Provably Fair Games. 

Next, the numbers are seeded into algorithms to generate the gaming results. During the seeding process in provably fair gaming, the punters can introduce a seed number in the sequence. This simply assures that the operating casino is not behind the results of the games. Instead, the punter is making sure that they get a fair outcome of the game.

Finally, hashing comes into the picture. This process encrypts the seed number such that it cannot be decoded. So, punters will know that the seed number has not been damaged in any way to rig the gaming results. 

All in all, a seed number is generated using RNGs by the casino. It is then encrypted and forwarded to the player to introduce his/her seed number. When the outcome of the game is generated, the player receives a seed utilised in the game. The punter can check this number to see if it’s tampered with in any way or not.

Now that you have a clear picture of the working of the Provably Fair Games, we suggest you check out some of these games on the casino platforms! 

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