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Taskmaster VR Coming June 13th

Taskmaster VR, the surprise virtual reality game, will be available on Meta Quest and SteamVR on June 13th. Developed by Scallywag Arcade, this VR adaptation of the popular TV show promises to deliver the same fun and chaos fans love.


Experience the Taskmaster Challenge in VR

Taskmaster VR lets players step into the shoes of the show’s contestants, tackling a variety of hilarious and challenging tasks. Players can also take on the role of the Taskmaster’s Assistant, creating and setting up their own tasks for friends and family in local play. With tasks that require both physical and mental prowess, the game ensures endless fun and replayability.


Create and Share Your Own Tasks

In Creative Mode, players have the freedom to design their own unique challenges using a vast array of tools and items. You can explore the Taskmaster House, filled with quirky spaces and hidden surprises, and then challenge your friends to complete your custom-made tasks. This mode encourages creativity and experimentation, providing countless possibilities for fun.

Star Power and Authenticity

The game features creative input and voice acting from Alex Horne, the show’s creator and the Taskmaster’s Assistant, and Greg Davies, the iconic Taskmaster himself. This collaboration ensures that the humour and style of the show are faithfully represented in the game.


Developers’ Insight

John Keefe, Co-Founder of Scallywag Arcade, expressed excitement about the game’s release: “Opening up pre-orders for Taskmaster VR is the culmination of a lot of love and hard work from the Taskmaster team and our studio. We think the show translates brilliantly into VR; it’s the ideal medium for conveying the chaos and creativity of Taskmaster, and we can’t wait for fans and players to step inside this world with us.”

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