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Online Games that Earn Real Cash 

Imagine making money from doing the most fun thing on the planet-gaming. If you’re already a gamer, then playing games for money is a no-brainer. We can’t guarantee that you can quit your day job and become a millionaire, but you can make some extra cash. 

Nina Olsendburg is an expert on this topic, and she knows that online games can be quite rewarding for your wallet. Although you could download an app, using online gambling sites can drastically improve your gaming experience.

For fans of online cash games, especially those who like Norway casinos, check out Norsk nettcasino for a taste of the action. We’ve put together this extensive list of online games that will help you get more cash.

Corporation Master

This is a virtual economy game that allows you to use your managerial skills. In a sense, you become an investor and put in the work every day and earn virtual currency. The money that you make in Corporation Master can be converted into cash. 


As one of the most popular role-playing games (RPG), Exodus has a lot to offer. For starters, the theme is exhilarating. The storyline is basically that the Earth is in ruins, and to survive, you’ll have to find hidden minerals and ‘mars dollars’. When you reach a set amount, you can cash out your mars dollars for real money. 


Rummy is a well-known popular game with pretty simple gameplay and objective. It’s a competitive field, so be sure to learn all the game rules and strategies. Nevertheless, if you win, it’s typically a substantial amount of money. 


Who doesn’t love playing Bingo? It’s easy and it’s easy money too! You can play Bingo online and win cash prizes. It can be extra exciting if you get to chat with other people virtually while playing Bingo. 

Real Money Pool App

If your hands are itching to play some 8-ball or 9-ball pool, then pick your phone up and bring cash in with this app. You have to lose money to win money so you’ll make a small deposit to play. If you win, you’ll be rewarded with cash prizes. 


Test out your trivia knowledge while winning real money. This is a fast-paced trivia game where players must answer a series of multiple-choice questions in 10 seconds. Honestly, it’s pretty intense, but there are great prizes up for grabs!

Casino Games

By far, the best way to get those big wins are by playing at a reputable online casino. Casino games give you a variety of options, including various betting options. The wins from casino games hit crazy numbers. 

Become a Game-Tester

The well-known Monster job site has a few vacancies for game-testers. Search for game-tester under their vacancies and pick which ones you’d like to apply for. You can test new games from renowned game developers and receive set compensation. 

Another well-known game-tester vacancy site is Playtest Cloud. You’ll get an email of games that need to be tested, and you’ll provide your feedback. Thereafter you receive payment via PayPal. 

Wealth Words

Remember the good old days of playing crossword games with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Well, now you can play crossword games anytime, and you could bring cash prizes worth thousands! The format is as simple as the on-paper crossword puzzles. So if you’re over the age of 18, put your brain to the test with this fun game. 

Online Poker

Get your poker face ready-or don’t because you can play poker online in a seaweed face mask if you’d like. Online poker is one of the top-rated online games worldwide and is offered at many online casinos. Make sure you play at a reputable site, and you could win big. 


Remember when we talked about how fun bingo was and how people win big at casino games? Well, meet Slingo, a mixture of Bingo and casino-style slots. You can play Slingo easily on a mobile device or desktop. All your winnings will be sent via PayPal, which is quite a trustworthy payment source.

Earn App Credits

Many apps give you points for trying out different games. One such example is Coin Pop which is a mobile app for Android phones. The more games you play, the more points you collect. You can cash your points out for Amazon vouchers or cash. 

Playing Video Games

Video games are among the most exciting of games-so many themes, characters and fun graphics. One of the common ways of making money playing video games is by streaming. There are many other ways to get paid for playing video games


There are many options to make money or earn free bitcoins from playing games online. We hope that you’ll give some of these a try. Best of luck and happy playing!


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