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What is so unique about Army Case that you should know? Get to know the miniature cases!

Army Case was found in 2015. The idea behind was to design and produce revolutionary magnetic carrying cases. The owner challenged himself to come up with a case that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding tabletop gamers.

In the beginning, it was just a startup project that brought the founder to raise a fund at Fortunately, it happened to collect over$120,000 which has far exceeded expectations.

Since that time, the brand has been growing and expanding. Additionally, the number of miniature carrying cases offered has grown to three. Each of them is dedicated to various sizes of the collections. The design ideas are being developed, re-worked, refined and personalized.

What is so unique about Army Case?

First of all, the miniature cases are lightweight, solid, waterproof and elegant. Secondly, you can choose among three available designs. Moreover, you are allowed to personalize the color of your carrying case (apart from the black steel frame). The shape and the magnetic system make storing so easy and ordered. The biggest advantage is the possibility of storing the miniatures regardless of the game store origin, as long as they fit into the case. Last but not least, you can freely travel with every A-case because they can easily be registered as your luggage at an airport.


How does an A-case work?

The secret of every miniature case is the magnetic system that keeps the miniatures safe, free of damages or scratches and immovable. The steel shelves allow users to stick the magnetic bases that are fixed in every miniature. Thanks to the magnets the miniatures will not get any opportunity to move even an inch. Depending on your needs, you can purchase additional shelves and magnets. The cases are made for every type of miniatures. Besides, you will find one or a few (depending on the model) outer accessory pockets.

Why to choose Army Case?

Behind the name, there are additional values such as its elegant, handy and solid design, their professional approach to clients and a team with a desire for making the products better and better. You should try out an a-case because it is going be a miniature case that you will purchase once and for all. The company does not receive any complaints concerning the design due to its universal ways of usage. It is suitable for all the minis and yet, there is no foams that you must shape to every new member of your collection. Check out the cases and pick one that best fits your needs.

Shipping is worldwide and completely free! 

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