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3 Reasons Why We Love Playing Games

No matter how complicated or simple it might be, there is no denying that we love playing games. We are constantly looking for new ways to entertain ourselves, and it can so often come through gaming. Here are three reasons why we love playing games so much.

Pattern Spotting

One reason why we are so good at games and why we enjoy playing them is that humans are very good at pattern spotting. We love being presented with a sequence where we either have to continue it or work out what needs to be changed. There are so many different types of games out there, but ultimately they all come back to pattern spotting in some capacity.

Even something like a first-person shooter will have some degree of pattern spotting in it. You might learn how your opponent plays, giving you the upper hand compared to others. Though some games might be more subtle than others, there is a degree of problem-solving in all of them.

Something for Everyone

Games are great as there are so many out there that could appeal to your personal tastes. If you are searching for the best title that could appeal to you, you are not going to run out of ones to try. If you can think of a genre or theme, it will exist in some capacity.

This can even be seen when betting with Unibet for example. They offer a great variation in games, so a player is always going to be able to find something that they could try. Even though it might seem like we have covered everything, there are still many talented game designers who are bringing out new titles and further enhancing players’ experiences!


The concept of gamification is a big reason why we enjoy playing games so much. In line with pattern spotting, as mentioned above, gamification is something that we automatically do. It helps us to approach a variety of tasks. Whether we are focused on defeating a boss monster at the climax of our favourite story, or we are just making a checklist to help us get through our tasks for the day, gamification can help us to do it.

One reason why we love patterns and puzzles is that we like to be challenged. Gamification can draw us in, but it is often the puzzle that will keep us interested. So long as developers are coming up with new and exciting ways to challenge us, there will always be something interesting at play!

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a gamer, there will no doubt be a couple of titles that cannot help but draw you in and interest you. Games can be really weird and wonderful, and the people who make them are always searching for some new way that they can engage and challenge their audience. Whether you often play games or not, head out and find a new title that interests you now!

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