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Review: HC2 Decal Edition | Stereo Gaming Headset

Wired Stereo Headset That Works Across Your Tech

The HC2 is a multi-use stereo headset that can be used on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Phone, or tablet. Designed and engineered in the UK, Gioteck is a growing brand dedicated to gaming and audio equipment. They were kind enough to send over a set of the HC2 Decal Edition for review, so let’s get stuck in.

The HC2 is a chunky wired headset with plenty of padding, a generous wire length and a stylish unique look thanks to its angled ear cups.

HC2 Decal Edition, as the name suggests comes with three sets of stickers for you to personalise your headphones to your individual tastes. The sides are finished in gloss plastic for easy application of the stickers. The stickers come on a thick 3M vinyl and have a quality feel. The included decals include two dark camouflage patterns and a Minecraft-inspired green and brown block pattern. The decal sheets have clear instructions but will rely on you having a steady hand for application.


There is an easy-to-use adjustable headband for those melon heads among us and the ear cups are large and have plenty of padding, even if the shape is a little unusual.

The Padded headband on the top has a useful gap in the middle for any VR head strap should you be using one.

The microphone arm is fully removable and can be easily clicked into place at will. The arm is fixed in place and there is some movement should you be the type of gamer who likes to move the mic away from your mouth during a game.

The mic pick-up was great and I had no complaints from friends during gaming sessions.

The cable is flat with a control clip part of the way down. The control clip has a mute function and a rotary dial for volume control. The cable ends with a 3.5 audio jack for maximum comparability.


When it comes to sounds quality, I must say that I was impressed considering the price point. For the tests, I used two games, Fortnite and Observer System Redux. Fortnite allowed me to see how they handle voice and game audio at the same time, whereas the scary soundscape of Observer System Redux was a good test of the single-player experience. The wired choice won’t be for everyone but if the lag-free sound is at the top of your wish list, the HC2 delivers.

The Bass sounds are nice and thick and the midtown is crisp and clear just as you might want. For the sound connoisseurs amongst you, the higher frequencies may be on the tinny side for your preference, however, for everyone else, they sound great.

Overall, The HC-2 is a versatile headset designed with comfort in mind. The decals offer extra personalisation options giving you the choice of three styles in one box. The fixed-length mic might be unusual for those used to gooseneck mic but it swings easily out of the way when not in use. When it comes to sound, the mid and bass tones are strong but the higher tones can sometimes sound a little tinny. If you are looking for an affordable headset that is comfortable and can be used across your tech, you can’t go wrong with the Gioteck HC2 wired gaming headset.

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