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4 Best Shooting Games for PC

Gaming Advances Follow Tech Breakthroughs

Gordon Moore discovered, at the inception of computational tech, that hardware components reduced in size in a way totally revitalizing computational tech every 1 to 1.5 years. In 2022, we’re not quite at the “end” of Moore’s Law yet, as technological exponentiation has continued regardless, owing to Quantum breakthroughs.

To stay on top of what’s out there in a continuously exponentiating tech world, as a gamer, you need a node of data that takes old and new games into account. You want the juicy info on a broad swathe of options regardless of how old or “new” they are. To that end, we’ve put together this list of four of the most popular PC First Person Shooter (FPS) games of all time.


GoldenEye: 007 – Now Available (Incidentally) on PC

This game was the perfect entry at the perfect time, and it is still perfectly fun today—especially as regards multiplayer options, where this game really shines. It was made with levels designed to follow real architectural reality, rather than internal gaming needs. The result was an immersive feel requiring true exploration.

This game came out in the late nineties for the N64, and it has had a few remakes to give it that more approachable modern veneer. You can now play the abandoned XBOX remake on PC, and it’s worth it.


Half-Life: Alyx – Half-Life Remade the Industry

On the bleeding edge of tech development is Half-Life: Alyx, not just one of the best shooters of all time, but hands-down the best VR game on the market. The original Half-Life games took us to new worlds as regards PC gaming, and Alyx is there to do the trick again—since it’s the third outing, you might call it a “hat trick”. This game rocks.



Bioshock is a game that combines the best aspects of FPS games with some of the most interesting features of Role-Playing Games (RPGs). It’s an atmospheric experience bar-none, where you explore a sunken laboratory full of horrors. This is an experience.

portal 2

Portal 2: Yet Another Different Type of FPS

The Portal games were like FPS platforming games, to a degree. Basically, you shoot “portals” to other areas of the game with your “portal gun”, and solve puzzles. It’s a gorgeous sci-fi action outing you’ve got to play around with. Also, the game designers put characters together with excellent senses of humor.

Everything You Need in One Spot

Certainly, these games are just the tip of the iceberg for the best FPS entries of all time. On FPS Champion website guides, you can find all sorts of secrets and strategies to help you master your favorite shooters, including new entries into the genre that are presently making waves, and classics like these.

The gaming world is in hyperdrive, and racing to and through the future faster than most technology. If you want to keep up with it, you’ll want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s changing the market. Definitely, resources that have in-depth guides can help.


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