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Best phones for online casino games (privacy guaranteed) 

Gambling online has never been as popular. This isn’t surprising since the technology regarding the games, security, and safety was never better. Not only can you play all the traditional casino games and more on your PC or Mac, you can also do it on the go – on your mobile.

Having said that, you may wonder what are the safest and the most secure casinos to play at as a South African player. Well, you can go through the casino reviews you’ll find on and pick the one you like the most! All of the casinos recommended there are reputable and you can play them on your mobile be it through an optimized app or via instant-play on your mobile browser.

So, which phones are optimal for playing your favorite casino games on the go? Let’s demystify the issue and go through some of the phones with the best privacy options! 


iPhone 13 and iPhone13 Pro

Let’s get started with Apple iPhones, as they are the most popular smartphone choice in the world. They are the most popular for many reasons and high privacy encryption is one of them! 

So, if you’d like to play your favorite online casino begin by opening the Apple store and searching for your preferred gaming software. If there’s an app available it should be in the store!

Once you’ve found the one that’s right for you, all you have to do is sign up for an account. For the most advanced security, use the most recent models.

In addition to gambling applications, iPhone users may access their favorite gambling websites, such as Yebo Casino, using Safari. Cookies and firewalls protect your personal information from unauthorized access.

Apple also gives the option of a password generator to better protect your financial information from thieves. In comparison to Android devices, Apple’s iOS platform has several advantages for safeguarding customers from suspicious activities, including the most advanced encryption software and data security capabilities.

Apple’s newest iPhone is your best chance for online gambling security when it comes to mobile phones.


One Plus 8 Pro

You can get the most out of your gaming experience with the OnePlus 8 Pro’s enormous edge-to-edge display. Large screens allow online casino players to take in the game graphics in all their glory!

Also, it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 CPU and 12GB of RAM. It’s reassuring for players to know that they won’t have any problems running their preferred online casino games due to low framerate.

With a price tag of roughly R14000, this phone is an excellent value. It’s hard to argue with the OnePlus 8 Pro’s position as one of the finest phones for South African gamblers, especially at its current price point.


Google Pixel 6

Android-powered phones are considered to be among the safest mobile devices available today. This is owing to the multiple security upgrades that Android publishes on a regular basis. It’s possible that some of these updates may be done on a monthly basis, ensuring that your phone is always up to date for your online casino experience.

For Pixel models, Google used a multi-layered approach to security. Because the Pixel 6 has been fitted with a Tensor System on a Chip (SoC) and TrustZone technology, your sensitive data will be stored in a specially designated safe region of the phone. You don’t have to worry about sharing more data than you need with your online casino platform of choice. 

Anti-phishing protection and built-in protection that frequently and automatically monitors for possible threats from phone calls, text messages, emails, and URLs delivered via applications are two of the Pixel 6’s new general security features. If the Pixel 6 believes that a message, phone call, or notification is a scam, it will alert you right away.



Some bettors choose the ASUS Rog as their preferred phone. This phone is comparable to the Galaxy devices by Samsung and is specifically made for gaming. High dynamic range video technology and a cooling system are only two of the new features that are available in the current versions.

This phone is perfect if you’re a serious poker player who prefers to spread your time over many tables. Google Play Protect and Rollback Protection are included in this phone’s security features, which prevent any form of fraud or theft.

All of these phones have a variety of useful functions. Choosing a game console is mostly a matter of personal preference. However, when betting you need to remember to only gamble on reputable casino operators such as Springbok Casino. Once you’ve chosen your phone, go online, create an account and start playing!


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