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What is a Technical Artist? | Andy Green

Andy Green is the Senior Technical Artist at Bossa Studios based in London. Andy’s role ranges from planning to effects work, to optimisation, to rigging, tool writing, animation and pipeline definition to name but a few.

Andy has worked on various games from the hilarious I am Bread to the hugely ambitious Worlds Adrift. With 3+ Bafta nominations, 1 Bafta win, 3+ Eurogamer exhibitions, 6+ games and too many game jams to count, Andy has seen Bossa grow from a small two-person team to a 100+ strong games studio.

I was lucky to speak to him at Game Anglia a few years ago. The footage was lost for years but has now been recovered.


  • How do you approach a new project
  • Is there a point in a game’s development when you know a game might be award-winning?
  • You started as an animator, how has your role changed and developed over the years?
  • As a Technical Artist, when do you usually get involved with a new game project?
  • What tools, websites or processes would you recommend to budding digital artists?
  • What challenges might new technical artists face?
  • How can students prepare for their first game artist role?
  • If you could travel back in time and give yourself one piece of advice, what would you say?




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