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Futuristic Action-Stealth Game Steel Seed Is Coming

Excitement is building as Storm in a Teacup, the talented developers behind the atmospheric hit “Close to the Sun,” announce their latest project: the sci-fi stealth-action game “Steel Seed.” Set to release in 2024 on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation 5. This dystopian metal world is unlike anything we’ve seen from the Italian developer.

While “Steel Seed” marks a departure from the atmospheric walking simulator style of “Close to the Sun,” the studio promises to bring the same level of tension and emotional storytelling that fans have come to love. Studio CEO and Creative Director Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi states, “Steel Seed represents the most challenging project yet for Storm in a Teacup, featuring both a varied combat/stealth system and incredibly deep and emotional storytelling. Steel Seed is an epic journey that will test your humanity.”

In “Steel Seed,” players will be transported to a world thousands of years in the future, where the human race has pushed the planet to the brink of destruction, leading AI machines to step in and save what remains of humanity. Now, a new threat has emerged, forcing players to question whether it is human or machine, and what it means for the future of the human race and their machine guardians.

Storm in a Teacup has established itself as a talented and innovative developer, and “Steel Seed” is shaping up to be no exception. The team’s commitment to delivering a thrilling and emotional experience is sure to make “Steel Seed” a must-play for fans of the sci-fi genre.

Be sure to check out the “Steel Seed” announcement trailer and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new project from Storm in a Teacup.

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