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Review: Fight’n Rage – A Blast From The Past

Fight’n Rage is a retro-style indie game that takes you back to 90s arcade classics like Final Fight, Cadillacs, and Dinosaurs and TMNT. From the CRT screen look to the character select screen, this oozes nostalgic charm and awakens warm childhood memories in me I haven’t felt for a long time. Set in in nuclear post-apocalyptic era, in which civilization has collapsed, and humans are struggling to survive in a world of animal mutants. The game is a side-scrolling beat-’em-up with old-school arcade-style gameplay and pixel art graphics. Originally released in 2017 by developer Seba Games Dev, Fight’n Rage has now come to consoles and offers an arcade-thin plot, hidden secrets, and an extensive range of fighting mechanics. With both local co-op and online multiplayer, this is best enjoyed with a mate.

A Plot With Multiple Directions

The story of Fight’n Rage revolves around three usual suspects, the Ninja Gal, street fighter Norris, and hulking Ricardo, who are present in a village when a band of marauders attacks. As the game progresses, the plot branches off in multiple directions, and players have the option to choose their preferred path, boss fights, and motivations. There are hidden options and level exits that lead to one of eight potential endings, which offers a lot of replay value. Tip: Try throwing a knife at the first Boss to save the girl…

The Combat System

The combat system is where Fight’n Rage really shines. It’s a simple and familiar system that can be instantly picked up by any seasoned gamer (or by anyone who has played a ’90s beat-’em-up before). The game starts with a tutorial that explains some of the finer points of the combat system but leaves the rest for the players to discover. The combat system is inspired by head-to-head fighting games, particularly Street Fighter 3, which means players can parry attacks, use special attacks, and dodge in different directions. Each basic move changes dramatically depending on the direction you’re pushing, and you can even combo into super attacks. With a lot going on, players will have a lot of fun experimenting with different moves.

Character Moves

The three initially playable characters have their own moves, which adds to the fun and excitement of the game. Norris has a slide kick, a barrage of punches, and the Izuna Drop, Gal has excellent aerial maneuverability and one of the best screen-clearing special attacks in the game, and Ricardo can destroy whatever he touches in a few big hits and has crowd control on tap. Each character is unique, and players will find themselves gravitating toward one character over another.

Endurance Test

Each stage of Fight’n Rage is designed to be an endurance test, meant to whittle players down bit by bit with a constant barrage of surprise attacks. Enemies come in gangs from every direction, springing ambushes and sudden attacks that are difficult to dodge unless you know they’re coming. The bosses are nearly impossible to beat the first time around, with various special moves, high damage output, and constant reinforcements, but once you get to know their patterns, they become a mere time sponge to slowly beat the crap out of.

Secrets, Unlockables & Options

In the beginning, you have Arcade Mode and that’s it, but as you play you can unlock new modes, new characters, and new character variations as well as uncover secrets, and new routes through the game. Your first play through is just the beginning.

fight-n-rage screen modes

Fight’n Rage also offers an extensive range of video options, which adds to the nostalgia factor. Players can keep the arcade machine look, complete with a CRT TV style bend in the glass or switch it to flat, pixel clear, blurred and so many more. It’s an excellent feature that allows players to customise the game according to their preferences.

Overall, Fight’n Rage is a nostalgic blast from the past with modern touches, offering an exciting plot, tonnes of unlockables, and an extensive range of fighting moves. The combat system is simple, familiar, and easy to pick up, and the characters have their own unique moves that add to the excitement. The arcade-style may be a slog for some, but for those who love the challenge, Fight’n Rage is a must-play. The game offers a lot of replay value, and players will find themselves going back to it again and again. If you’re a fan of retro-style arcade games, then Fight’n Rage is the perfect addition to your collection.

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