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Gioteck releases ‘One Controller To Rule Them All!’

As cloud gaming gains momentum, the gaming landscape is evolving. With services like Xbox Game Pass, players can seamlessly shift from their console to a phone, tablet, or even a Meta Quest headset. The key to this gaming revolution? A subscription and a controller. Having previously reviewed Gioteck headphones, the anticipation for their latest innovation, the Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller, is met with eagerness.

Gaming Beyond Boundaries

Cloud gaming services have transcended traditional gaming, offering the flexibility to transition effortlessly between devices. With the Smart TV+ Duo, Gioteck™ introduces a controller designed for the modern gamer, providing an authentic pro gaming experience across Smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller

Wireless Wizardry

Harnessing Dual Band Wireless technology, this controller ensures a rock-solid, low-latency wireless connection. Whether it’s advanced Bluetooth® or 2.4GHz technology via a USB adapter, the Smart TV+ promises a professional and reliable gaming experience, irrespective of the device you choose.

Seamless Switching

No more setup headaches. The Smart TV+ Duo embraces automatic re-pairing technology, effortlessly syncing with your gaming service. A simple switch, and it seamlessly adapts to your PC, iOS™, or Android® device. One controller rules them all, making it the perfect choice for multi-device gamers.

Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller

Personalized Powerhouse

Fueled by two AA batteries (included), the Smart TV+ boasts enhanced grips for supreme comfort. What sets it apart is the choice of RGB colours, allowing gamers to illuminate their controllers and stand out in the crowd. It’s not just a controller; it’s a statement.

Marek Soroka, Head of Sales for Gioteck™, highlighted, “Smart TV gaming services have come a long way. The Smart TV+ is an advanced gaming controller designed for those who wish to enjoy gaming across multiple devices. A wholly authentic gaming experience at incredible value.”

Priced at an SRP of £24.99, the Gioteck™ Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller is now available at Argos,, and leading gaming retailers.

Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller

Smart TV+ Duo Wireless Controller Highlights:

  • Dual-Band Low-Latency Wireless Technology (Bluetooth® and 2.4GHz support) for all Smart TVs
  • Automatic Re-Pairing for a seamless pick-up-and-play experience
  • Multi-format switch for use across various devices (PC, iOS™, and Android®)
  • RGB lighting for gamer customization
  • Full vibration support
  • Ergonomically designed with enhanced molded grips
  • Batteries required: 2 x AA (included)

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