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  • Game Reviews
    Review: Dead Rising 3 | Xbox One

    Something has to be said for standing atop a crashed delivery van, panning round 360 degrees and being surrounded by hundreds...

    Indie Game DevSeptember 9, 2014
  • Games Industry
    Xbox Celebrates Zombie Week…

    A Zombie Week promotion sounds fantastic on paper but surely someone in the marketing team must have thought that this would...

    Indie Game DevJanuary 28, 2014
  • Features
    Weird Save Systems in Video Games

    It wasn’t too long ago that gamers had to have a sheet of paper on hand to write down any passwords...

    Indie Game DevDecember 10, 2013
  • Articles
    Xbox One Launch Day Review

    This is entitled ‘launch day review’ as it is a review based on only 24hrs worth of play and exploration time...

    Indie Game DevNovember 23, 2013
  • Characters
    Little Girls in Video Games | A Gamers Achilles Heel

    In the last few years, hit video games have become more and more about story and experience than about simple...

    Courtney GordnerSeptember 23, 2013
  • games
    Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One has been delayed

    In a shock move for Microsoft, the eagerly awaited launch of Kinect Sports Rivals has been delayed and will no longer...

    Indie Game DevJuly 26, 2013
  • Games Industry
    Xbox One at Comic-Con 2013

    Comic-Con is in full swing in San Diego and Microsoft has set up a full, awesome set of games to check...

    Indie Game DevJuly 22, 2013
  • General
    ZOMBIES! Up Close and Personal

    We are definitely in the year of the Zombie. We can’t move for the undead, they are on our TV’s, in...

    Indie Game DevJune 3, 2013