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Retro Gaming Party

Summer has finally arrived which means beer gardens, barbeques and parties. Next week I will have my first fancy dress party of the season and amazingly the theme is ‘gaming’ which is fantastic. I’m not entirely sure how this is going down with the wives and girlfriends but personally I think it’s a great idea.

This topic got me thinking, and instead of taking a bottle of wine, my partner and I thought we would get him something ‘gamey’ (not a rabbit.. something related to video games). After more time than I’d like to admit researching, I narrowed it down into the following gifts; a set of Mario Wall Decor stickers (for his son’s room), an 8 bit tie (he does design games), or just go all out and go for the Gears of War Lancer Replica.

After a lot of deliberation we went for the tie (and some gin!). With the gift on order and only a couple of weeks until the party we thought we would buy our costumes, as nowadays they are about the same price as hiring them. They also have the added benefit of being used multiple times AND you don’t have to worry about deposits.

Emma and I have our costumes all sorted and we intend to go as the king and queen of retro gaming Super Mario costume and Princess Peach costume. We found them online at as the choice was awesome. Sounds crazy but due to a special offer we also found ourselves ordering our Halloween costumes as well. Emma wasn’t to fond of the scantily clad gaming heroines coupled with the fact she expected there to be about three Lara Crofts there she was happy that she gets to dress up as a Princess which is something she’s not done for a fair few years.

Really looking forward to the party and hope to have some photos soon.


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