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Video Game Blogging Guide | Introduction

Welcome to my blog series that looks at video game blogging. Whilst this is a little ‘Inception-like’, it is something I have experience with as I have tried and tested various methods, techniques and supposed short-cuts to success. Where I have failed, I have learned and all that lovely knowledge is ready to be shared with you.

Why Blog

First off, let’s start on planet realism and work our way up.

Blogging will not make you a millionaire, it will not make you a star and it does not make you a journalist. Blogging is sticking a flag in your own little corner of the internet and saying ‘this is me, my love, my passion, my stress and my life’. Blogging is a fantastic outlet for voicing your thoughts, opinions and stress. A place where you can share your passions, creations and hobbies and after some time, effort, money, promotional, blood, sweat and tears you might find yourself with a following, an audience or even customer base.

In this series, I am sharing with you a myriad of hints, tips and stories about my blogging exploits, in order to give you the insights that I wish I had back when I was starting out.

The Video Game Blogging Guide

What We’ll Cover

Part 1: The Set Up

  • Frequency
  • Scheduling
  • Holding some back
  • Being consistent


Part 2: Creating Content 

  • Do it for you, first and foremost
  • Try to specialise (a little)
  • Understand your audience
  • Alt tag your images
  • create images with titles (for social media)
  • Over 400 words (but mix long and short posts)
  • Proof your work


Part 3: Sharing Your Content

  • Choose the networks that compliment your content
  • Join groups / use hashtags / CrowdFire (for unfollowers)
  • Buffer you main posts but be natural at other times
  • Follow, engage and connect with your target audience


Essential Plugins For Bloggers

  • SEO by Yoast (Yoast)
  • Media Library Alt Fields (Jarret Cade)
  • Shareaholic Share Buttons (Shareaholic)
  • WP To Buffer (WP Cube)
  • Disqus Comment System
  • Rel NoFollow Checkbox (Fabio Santos)
  • Schema Data
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • AMP for WP (Ahmed Kaludi)



  • Domain Name
  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Reviews / Product Samples
  • Join sites such as:
    • BlogMeetsBrand
    • TheBloggerProgramme
    • Sponsored Tweets
    • Various Facebook Blogger groups

Overall, expect it to take time… Blogging is not a quick path to recognition and success. You will have to invest a lot of your own time into a blog to make it work.

Continue to Part 1: Video Game Blogging – The Setup

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