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The Afternoon Dip: How To Stay Alert and Focused

It always happens at about 2 pm. The end of the day seems like miles away and it feels like you can’t carry on…

It always happens at about 2 pm. The end of the day seems like miles away and it feels like you can’t carry on; your concentration falls, your eyelids feel fuzzy, and you start confusing your keyboard with a cosy pillow. Can you say m-e-l-a-t-o-n-i-n…?

Wake up!

Our tips show you how to stay energised at work, and smash that afternoon fatigue.

Exit the Building

You need to get away from your desk and out in the fresh air. Take a 10 minute break and have a walk outside. Not only will this refresh your mind, but it will help your poor joints, which have been cooped up in a desk chair shape all day.

When you’ve got a pressing deadline, the temptation is to skip lunch and scoff vending machine snacks at your desk. Take the time to eat a balanced lunch outside, and you will be more productive in the final afternoon push.

Afternoon Tea

It sounds very British but a good cup of tea is enough to set you up through the day. Don’t get too excited though and misuse caffeine, because consuming a high amount of caffeine leads to large energy plummets. A cup when your energy levels start to get low, is a nice little pick-me-up.

If you don’t get enough sleep each night, it can be easy to fall back on caffeine. Consider making adjustments to your before-bed routine, such as turning off the TV and reading a book instead, or having a hot bath. Beds can be a huge contribution to sleep deprivation, so get a replacement for that uncomfortable mattress.

Clean Up Your Act

Cleaning your desk and deleting your inbox may sound like procrastination, but on the contrary, performing these acts can give you a mindless break from your onslaught of work and prepare you for your next task. A clean desk also does wonders for positivity.

Minty Fresh

It’s time to get new age with peppermint oil. Put a drop of peppermint in your palms and rub them together, avoiding your eyes. Peppermint, as well as having myriad health benefits including healthy digestion, has an energy-boosting scent.


Throughout the day, keep stretching your joints: roll your shoulders and your head, and stretch up. Perform isometric exercises, like tensing up your muscles. Although these routines won’t get you toned, they will keep your brain and body engaged.

Text Your Loved Ones

If your business allows it, text your partner or kids once or twice during the day. Keeping in touch with people outside the company can reinvigorate you when you only have a computer screen for company. Don’t get carried away, however, as this can lead to complete distraction.


Just having plants nearby can lift your mood; rosemary in particular is energising, but you may not want to put a huge rosemary bush on your desk. Any potted flowers or plants that uplift you are great to have nearby, as they filter pollutants out of the air, and generally make the place look prettier.

Dark Chocolate

Use with caution. One square of dark chocolate is a healthy alternative to the milky variety and contains healthy fats, antioxidants, fibre, and magnesium. Eating more than one piece though can send you into a sugar crash, and also the richness of dark chocolate can make you feel sick.

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