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Five social media tips for finding and engaging gamers

Some people who play social media video games are very likely to sign up for promotional features or click on ads in return for virtual currencies or points

Whatever the public perception may be, gaming is by nature a highly social and interactive activity. Gamers connect, engage, swap tips and review products using social media.  And if you want to spread the word about a particular game- yours or otherwise- social media is doubtless the best platform to get the word out.

There are some pretty staggering statistics available concerning how social media influences people’s gaming choices. Nearly half of all gamers will not consider buying a new game without first seeking positive affirmation from friends and fellow gamers. Social media forums are the ideal platform for seeking the opinion of others. Here are five tips for effectively using social media.

1. Take the time to find out who your audience is and where they’re lurking. There are many social networking sites for gamers out there, each a little different and each with its own special features designed to appeal to particular groups of gamers. Knowing which group you want to connect with is essential.

2. If you’re launching a new game, take an integrated approach to marketing. Tie in your social media blitz with more traditional press-generating methods. Deliver flyers to local gaming shops and hangouts with all the essential details of your game- synopsis, features, web address and download location.

3. Have a conversation with gamers about what they want. What features do they appreciate in particular games and which aspects leave them cold? Don’t see social media solely as a platform for getting your information out there. It’s a two-way street.

4. Be aware of the power of incentives. People who play social media games are highly likely to sign up for promotional features or click on ads in return for virtual currencies or points. It’s a simple way to ensure you’re not overlooked.

5. If you’re selling a mobile game, make sure your website is easily viewed on a mobile phone to avoid any potential frustration for the buyer. Nothing is more likely to short-circuit a sale than a website that’s impossible to navigate using a mobile phone.


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