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6 of the Dirtiest Cops in Video Games

To celebrate the launch of Saints Row 4 tomorrow and GTA 5 next month  I have gathered together some of the most two faced, under headed, back stabbing cops in the video game world.


Ray Machowski from Grand Theft Auto 3

A corrupt cop, in league with the Yakuza, Machowski is the one that gives you missions to help him deal with a variety of “business problems” as we as escape the city. You can hate him all you want, but the guy keeps you employed.


B.B. Hensley from Max Payne

A supposed agent with the DEA, B.B. Hensley backstabs Max Payne by trying to set him up in a deadly meeting with Alex Balder, and then later trying to set him up in other lethal traps. B.B. is ultimately killed by Payne in the end, with some good old-fashioned vengeance. And bullets.


Edgar Ross from Red Dead Redemption

The main antagonist of Red Dead, he’s the one who sets James Marston on his quest to kill or capture his old bandit buddies in order to free himself and protect his family. Edgar Ross comes across as a very refined, modernist man, and one that is easy to hate.


Officer Frank Tenpenny from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Tenpenny is a cop on the LSPD, Los Santos Police department.  He’s also the main villain of San Andreas, running a whole group of cops that are corrupt, using gang information to extort money as well as using police brutality against others. But he’s probably one of the coolest corrupt cops, mostly because he is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.


Albert Wesker from Resident Evil

Albert Wesker, the ultimate backstab, turned on the Racoon City Police Department from the very beginning. And eventually he gets a little too involved with Umbrella Corp., injecting himself with a variant of the T-virus, and that pretty much makes him a scary, scary foe.


Roy Earle from L.A. Noire

Roy Earle is the smuggest two-faced cop that ever strolled down the streets of L.A. He backstabs you quite a bit late into the game, but you can see it coming a mile a way. He just has that air about him that something isn’t right. And it does turn out that Earle and the whole vice squad are deeply

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