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When I’m Not a Video Game Hero, My job is…

The video game industry is a massive money-spinner for the world’s economy and now stands alongside movies and music. For people of ages, video games offer us an escape from our often boring and run-of-the-mill lives. We like to live vicariously through heroes in video games. These heroes are often hard-nosed folk that you’d associate with the military however, many of them hold everyday jobs like us. This helps us connect with the hero and therefore enjoy our games a little bit more. Let’s take a look at some of the best-known heroes from recent video games and see what sort of jobs they had!


Chuck Greene: Dead Rising 2 – Former Motocross Champion

Chuck is the unlikely hero of Dead Rising 2, the game in which you have to hack through hordes of the undead to survive. As a Former Motocross Champion, he’s pretty handy with a set of tools and it’s this skill that leads to all of the crazy weapons you can use in the game. With some serious agility and strength, it’s no wonder Chuck makes mince meat out of Zombies!


Leon Kennedy: Resident Evil – Rookie Cop (First Day on the Job)

Facing Resident Evil 2 on your first day at work doesn’t sound like fun and indeed, it wasn’t. Facing the T-Virus firsthand, Leon has to think on his feet to survive and save the day in the horror game. No matter how bad things got however, Leon still made it through and at the end of it all he got that promotion, working for the US Government Leon returned in Resident Evil 4.


Dr. Fred Edison: Day of the Tentacle – Professor

In the classic adventure from LucasArts, Dr. Fred Edison gets himself into a whole lot of trouble. As you’d expect from a mad professor, he drinks a special formula that changes him into a super-intelligent being. As he plans to kill off the two tentacle brothers things start to get out of hand. If only being a Dr was this much fun in real-life.


Gordon Freeman: Half Life – Theoretical Physicist

Gordon Freeman is the action-hero at the heart of the cult Half-Life games. As a theoretical physicist, there’s perhaps nobody better to take care of an Alien threat. In the games, you practically become Gordon, giving you the opportunity to become the underdog yourself and win despite overwhelming odds and the lack of backup.


Mario: Super Mario Land – Plumber

Who doesn’t know Mario? Mario started out as a plumber who was just getting harassed by Donkey Kong and now he’s an International Superstar. With games on the 3DS and the Wii U, Mario and his brother Luigi are still going strong. This just goes to show you, plumbers lead exciting lives as well.


Mr Manny Calavera: Grim Fandango – Travel Agent

Grim Fandango is an amazing game, plain and simple. In a fantasy setting, Manny is that guy who sits behind a desk all day long, the kind of guy to take care of ecommerce fulfillment solutions. However, he soon gets wrapped up in all kinds of trouble and takes you with him. One of the best PC games ever, Grim Fandango shows that being an office worker isn’t as boring as you think.


Ethan Mars: Heavy Rain – Architect

Mr Mars is something straight out of a movie. A gentle guy that has a well-paid job just wants to look out for his family. When his son dies however, things take a turn for the worse. As his other son is kidnapped, Ethan Mars goes over and beyond to get him back, showing the world that a Father’s love is more powerful than anything. Well, almost anything.


Lee Everett: Walking Dead – History Professor

In the Epic game that is the Walking Dead, Lee Everett is almost entirely left up to the player to become. All we know is that he used to be a Professor teaching history at a University, when we join him he’s being carted off to prison for murdering a fellow teacher. However, after that you’re up to become Lee Everett and the choices after that are powerful and profound.


Eddie Riggs: Brutal Legend – Band Roadie

In the rock fantasy game Brutal Legend, Eddie Riggs is the Ultimate Roadie. For someone who is to stay out of the spotlight and prop someone else up, he makes the perfect underdog. Throughout the game you learn that roadies are just as capable – if not more so – than anyone else. A true underdog.


Francis: Left 4 Dead – Dock worker

As you’d expect from a dock worker, Francis is a strong man. Thanks to his biker roots and tattoos all over, even Zombies are afraid of Francis. As you’re killing Zombie after Zombie in the game, you soon realize that even a dock worker can help save the world.


Mike Haggar: Final Fight – Mayor

Mike Haggar is a retired wrestling champ that became the Mayor of Metro City in the classic Capcom game. After re refuses a gang’s bribe, they kidnap his daughter. Vowing to retrieve his daughter and save the city, Haggar soon proves that might is right.


Cole MacGrath: Infamous – Courier

Before he was granted superpowers, Cole MacGrath was a humber bike messenger, ferrying letters and packages across town. When he gets those powers however, he’s able to do incredible things with electricity. Being a delivery man doesn’t sound too bad after all.


Jade: Beyond Good & Evil – Photo Journalist

Beyond Good & Evil is a classic title that every gamer should play. As you might expect, a photo journalist goes after the story a little too hard in this game. Playing as jade, you have to explore and think of looking where nobody else has. Guess working for the local paper can be surprising, huh?


Isaac Clarke: Dead Space – Engineer

In EA’s horror series that is Dead Space, Isaac Clarke is just another engineer out in space trying to keep things ticking over. However, things soon go wrong and Isaac is left to fight for his life. Using some of the most unique weapons in video gaming, Isaac survives the Alien threat to star in two sequel games.



Abe: Oddworld – Janitor

The Oddworld games were masterpieces back in the day and this was in no small part down to Abe, the lovable janitor that hopes to escape to a better life. With some of the best platforming ever seen, Abe is a great character to play as and you really end up feeling for him when the game is finished.


Raz: Psychonauts – Circus Performer

Starring in a Circus is likely to give you some pretty good skills you need to survive or to kick-ass and defeat evil. Raz gains both of those as a circus performer and allows you to have fun in one of the best platformers known to video gaming.


There will always be heroes that are larger than life when it comes to video games however, as the business goes more and more mainstream, things are set to change. Much like movies, we want to play as a character that’s easy to relate to and that we can enjoy our own experiences with. As video gaming evolves, we’re likely to see more of Lee Everett and co than of Mike Haggar.

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