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Google Rumored To Buy Twitch for Over $1 Billlion

Variety have reported that Google’s YouTube has been in talks to acquire the Twitch video game streaming platform for over $1 billion although everyone is keeping it to themselves. A tweet from Twitch’s PR Director said “Twitch doesn’t comment on rumors.” Also, Google is yet to release an official statement, however, the report claims that the deal should be announced soon.

The report also discusses how Google is preparing for U.S. regulators to challenge the acquisition under competition laws as YouTube is already the most popular platform for internet videos. In February, Twitch ranked fourth in peak internet traffic in the U.S. with 1.8% ahead of Facebook, Value, Hulu and a number of other sites. As Google came in second (behind Netflix) with 22% the Justice Department might see the acquisition as anti-competitive in the online video market.

Personally, I would be against this, as Twitch is really finding its feet and carving out its own identity. Being merged with Google will just amalgamate it into the giant blob that is the search giant. I’m sure lots of cool features would come from the merger and even some cross-platform integration but we need alternate video channel options in order to keep the companies on their toes and striving for a better service.

What are your thoughts on a Google acquiring Twitch? For, Against or It’s Complicated?


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