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40% Off Game Assets Sale at

Our sister site and sponsor is having a massive ‘end of summer’ sale with 40% off everything in store.

This is a great opportunity for game devs to pick up an array of game-ready 2D assets for use in both concept games and full commercial games.

Assets include backgrounds, characters, weapons and Interface elements. Assets start at $1 and you can get fully animated character packs for as low $15 for one character or as low as $90 for 10.

The sale is ahead of a plethora of new stock soon to be added, most of which will be using the new Spine Animation program. This means that assets will come with the editable vector files, a set of game-ready PNG’s, atlas spritesheets and JSON files.

<a href=””><img title=”marine-inspiration-gd” src=”” alt=”marine-inspiration-gd” width=”620″ height=”464″ /></a>

The sale is only one until the 2nd of September so get them whilst they are hot.

Sorry for the advertising post but a game designer has got to eat… Plus it’s a really awesome deal.

For more information visit <a title=”2D Game Assets” href=”” target=”_blank”></a>

<a href=””><img title=”example-rpgpack3″ src=”” alt=”example-rpgpack3″ width=”620″ height=”549″ /></a>

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