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The Top 50 Gaming Blogs In The World Ever! Who’s No. 30

Well it’s official, is the 30th greatest gaming blog in the world ever. If you doubt such as statement is true, then check out this infographic created by, that clearly states it. Ignore the random nurse graphic, the dodgy fonts, squashed logos and lack of sources, this is the real deal. If anyone know gaming blogs then its the smart cookies over at

I’m not going to let my new found fame go to my head though. I will stay focused and this time next year I hope to be in the mid (to late) twenties. There is a lot of tough competition out there and if I can produce how to guides, sell gaming merchandise, host free flash games and grow my team of one to over 100, I think I could give those other sites a run for their money.

So please share the news that has cracked the top 30 and has its eyes on the prize.

Seriously though… I’m on an infographic! Consider me chuffed!

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