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Wonderboy: The Dragons Trap | Earn Money Faster Tip

I know I don’t usually offer tips and cheats on this site, but this one is so easy and so useful I just had to share it you.

This tip will help you to grind thousands in gold coins much faster than normal in order to afford that ever so expensive Crystal Sword, Shield and Armour (which will set you back around 3,000 each).

  • From the village, use the bouncing block to enter the central tower.
  • Bounce your way to the upper floor and go through the door.
  • Jump over the hovering sky platforms and enter the door on the far side.
  • Go left through the Desert until you reach the pyramid on the far left.
  • Jump over the open tunnels and climb over the pyramid to the other side.
  • Kill the pig man on the other side (best done as Lion Knight)
    ** This pig man drops between 10 and 60 coins each drop (mixed in with power-ups)**
  • Enter and exit the door numerous times killing the pig to farm lots of gold and power-ups.
  • Inside the chest chamber, smash through the walls and jump down.
  • Open the 7 chests in succession. Press up to exit the chamber each time
  • 7x chests plus thousands of gold = Defeat the horribly difficult end bosses.

I hope this helps and you beat the notoriously difficult game.


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