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How to Get a Job in the Games Industry | Kim Parker Adcock Interview

One of the first hurdles of realising your dream as a game designer is getting that first all-important job in the industry

Kim Parker Adcock is a powerhouse in gaming recruitment, placing gaming talent all over the UK (and beyond). Kim has successfully placed candidates in an array of studios from small indie studios to large global corporations such as Sony.

One of the first hurdles of realising your dream as a game designer is getting that first all-important job in the industry. The first position gives new developers an insight into workflow, deadlines and processes that are not really taught at university. Getting that first role makes it easier to find future jobs as you not only have game development experience but also that crucial studio experience. With so many people dependent on so many others, knowing how teams and particular studios work is essential for progressing in the industry.

I was lucky to get Kim in my interview room and quiz her about getting a job in the games industry, helpful interview techniques and a plethora of hints and tips for landing that job in the gaming sector.

Just some of the questions I covered included:

  1. What are the essential ingredients of a game developers CV?
  2. How can one stand out amongst the other game development graduates?
  3. Do Game Jam submissions count on a game developers CV?
  4. What interview tips can you give to budding game developers?
  5. What are some of the common mistakes made by game developers during job interviews?
  6. How important are blogs and YouTube channels in getting a job in the industry?
  7. What do you think about the ‘Marketing First’ approach to game development, has the days of simply knowing how to code come to end?
  8. What can game developers do whilst in a non-game job to continue to build their CV?
  9. How should game developers step up their game in a second interview?
  10. Where are the current hotspots for gaming jobs in the UK?

Visit for more info on getting a job in the video games industry.

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