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What I wish I had learned about coding when I was a kid

People used to think coding was a really difficult thing to get into and that there was so much to learn to produce anything worthwhile. It is probably the main reason why many parents do not guide their children toward coding careers. And we have to admit that they later regret their choice. Furthermore, many young professionals regret that they were not introduced to coding in their childhood. According to them, coding could have significantly changed their future and careers. Here are a few reasons why:

Learning to code is fun!

Coding lets children create various animations and games. And please, find a child who wouldn’t like those? That is why most platforms aimed at teaching children coding are based on animation. For example, with Roblox Studio, you can both play games created by other users and create your own. As Roblox cannot be accessed in some regions, the solution may be a Virtual Private Network service. So, Roblox + VPN is the formula you should remember and use when you encounter a problem connecting to the platform.

Coding helps to cope with challenging tasks

Coding requires critical thinking and creativity to find the right solutions to solve problems. These features come in handy not only on the computer screen to create the animation or game you want, but also in real life. This is why more and more countries are incorporating learning to code into school curricula. Education which includes coding has a positive effect on the personality and, in a sense, hardens it – preparing it for future challenges. And this protects against unpleasant mistakes that could have been avoided if coding had only been learned since childhood.


It helps to understand the world around you

Coding is involved in most areas of our lives. Why? Look around – everything is computerized. You won’t avoid it in stores, post offices, banks, or security. What is more, each of us has at least a few smart devices and we already have a hard time imagining life without them. This dependence will only grow in the future, as well as probably cause related problems. In order to be able to recognize them, familiarity with coding would be handy. Just imagine yourself if you were to teach about it when you were a kid!

Learning to code improves writing and math skills

Experts in education state children should start early to learn how to code. Among the many benefits, it provides is a marked improvement in subject achievement. For example, research shows that coding learners find it easier to learn correct spelling. Also, these children make noticeably fewer mistakes in completing various math tasks. Of course, many advantages of coding have not yet been discovered due to the lack of research. But we will definitely find out more about them in the near future. Therefore, while we can no longer look back on time and gain coding knowledge, we can make sure that children would learn how to code and coding itself might become a priority area for learning.


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