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Justice Sucks: Vacuum Massacre Update

As a fan of the game Justice Sucks, I couldn’t be more excited to hear about the upcoming Vacuum Massacre update! This free epilogue adventure, set to release on February 16th, promises to bring even more mayhem and craziness to the already wild world of Dusty McClean, the robot vacuum cleaner-turned-crime-fighter.

For those who have already completed the original game, Vacuum Massacre picks up where Justice Sucks left off. Dusty’s family is once again in danger, and this time it’s up to our hero to clean up the mess at FamilyCorp’s final orbital stronghold. This new extraterrestrial battlefield is packed with upgrades, mutations, and traps that Dusty will need to overcome.

justice-sucks dlc

One of the things that I love about Justice Sucks is how it takes the seemingly mundane task of vacuuming and turns it into a thrilling adventure. In Vacuum Massacre, Dusty will be able to use his trusty vacuum cleaner to hack, fight, and unleash his special blood-fueled powers. And of course, he’ll need to be stealthy and smart to avoid getting blasted by lasers and other dangers.

In addition to new levels and story sequences, Vacuum Massacre will also bring some improvements to the overall game. Players can expect to see three new perks, improved enemy footprints for better stalking, and various tweaks and bug-fixes. Whether you’re a newcomer to Justice Sucks or a seasoned veteran, the Vacuum Massacre update is sure to provide a fresh and entertaining experience.

justice-sucks dlc

The update is free for all owners of Justice Sucks and will be available on PC, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation on February 16th. If you haven’t already, be sure to grab a copy of the game for $19.99, and get ready for an out-of-this-world cleaning adventure!

justice-sucks dlc

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