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Guide to Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is a stunning role-playing video game that embraces retro-style 16-bit graphics with a turn-based combat system. Unlike traditional role-playing games that feature random encounters, enemies are visible on the map and trigger encounters in the same screen, much like Chrono Trigger, adding an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay. Battles are turn-based, and each character in the player’s party has a standard attack, various special abilities, items, and a defensive stance. In combat, party members use attacks and abilities that raise the “overdrive” meter, reaching an optimal green zone where abilities are more effective. However, overheating the overdrive meter can occur, requiring the party to discharge the excess using specific abilities like defenses and “Ultra Moves.”

The game is set in the continent of Valandis, amidst a multi-generational war between three kingdoms. Unlike other role-playing games, Chained Echoes has a unique character progression system where characters do not level up traditionally; instead, they level up their skills automatically through battles, with added skill point rewards. With a party size of up to 8 characters, players can create their custom party to embark on an unforgettable journey. With an estimated length of 30 to 40 hours, Chained Echoes promises an immersive and engaging experience.



The History of Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is an indie role-playing video game developed and published by Matthias Linda. The game was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019 and released in December 2022. The game is currently out on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

General Tips For Playing Chained Echoes

Start With a Good Setup

As you progress through Chained Echoes, you’ll quickly realize that combat is all about setups. Your characters will unlock plenty of buffs and debuffs, and it’s key to lay those down to empower your team while simultaneously crippling the enemy. For instance, Sienna alone has four important buffs that should be active nearly all the time, while Glenn should make sure the enemy has Break debuffs on. With certain setups, you can see some really big numbers, so it’s important to have your team cover everything.

Leave Crystals Until Later

The Crystal system at the blacksmith anvil is a potentially powerful, yet a bit of an annoying system. It allows you to stack passives to reinforce your characters’ strengths or to circumvent a weakness. For instance, stacking Crit Damage Up crystals on Sienna can make her dish out some really insane damage. However, it’s not really worth hunting down crystals or farming until the endgame. The game is already relatively easy enough that you can clear the vast majority of the content without worrying about crystals. If you want more details on the Crystal crafting, check Xenocite’s excellent Crystal Guide.

Improve Your Agility

Agility (AGI) is the single most important attribute in the game. Improving your AGI in any way (passive skills, buffs, crystals) is key to get as many turns as possible before the enemy. Sienna is a perfect example of this since she has the highest AGI in the game. Drunken Master, a skill from the Monk Class Emblem, is an ability you should have learned with one or more characters and equipped at all times. Use it as soon as the fight starts since it’s party-wide. Additionally, crippling your enemy’s AGI with Robb’s Leg Shot (and also Kylian’s Leg Aim) is key in any boss fight to further enable more turns for you and less for the enemy.

It’s worth noting that Chained Echoes is a 25-30 hour game, so get comfy and don’t expect to complete it quickly.

The Main Characters In Chained Echoes


Glenn – The Fighter

Glenn, the main character, is a versatile character with a balanced set of offensive and defensive abilities. He has access to a taunt ability (Decoy) and Defense Stance, which can make him a budget tank, as it increases his defense but decreases his attack power.

In combat, Glenn’s strength lies in his ability to be a “Breaker.” He has access to skills that can decrease enemy offensive and/or defensive stats, which can change the course of battles. His Ultra Move, Power Armor Salvo, and All Break ability both apply detrimental debuffs to all enemies, except for decreasing agility. Power Armor Salvo is particularly noteworthy as it hits all enemies.

Glenn’s balanced playstyle makes him a solid choice for any team composition. His ability to weaken enemies, combined with his defensive capabilities, make him a valuable asset in battles. Make sure to include him in your team and experiment with his abilities to find the playstyle that works best for you.


  • Fits the typical fighter archetype: good at pretty much everything.
  • Boasts high offensive and defensive stats.
  • 3rd highest HP.
  • 2nd highest ATK.
  • 3rd highest DEF, tied with Raphael.
  • 3rd highest AGI, tied with Tomke.
  • Can be played as a hybrid tank/damage dealer.
  • Has access to powerful Break abilities to cripple enemy stats.
  • Has one of the most useful Ultra Moves in the game.
  • Amazing self-sustain in the endgame thanks to HP Drain combined with his already high attack.


  • Unreliable as a proper tank since he has no innate abilities to increase Hate other than Decoy.
  • Only single-target damage apart from his Ultra Move and Whirlwind Slash (which is gained much later in the game).
  • Has a low TP, meaning he’ll struggle really fast when using abilities in quick succession.


Lenne – The Elementor

Lenne, The Elementalist is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to magic-based attacks. She possesses an extremely high MAG stat and TP, allowing her to unleash a barrage of skills on her enemies. With her ability to inflict damage of all elements except for Light and Dark, she is a valuable asset for exploiting enemies’ elemental weaknesses.

In the endgame, Lenne pairs particularly well with Victor, forming a deadly duo with their combo of Coat skills plus Efreet’s Song or A Sylph’s Tale, which results in the entire team dealing weakness damage all the time. Additionally, with Strike skills such as Oil and Heavy, the damage output becomes even greater.

With the right setups, Lenne can deal upwards of ten thousand damage with Third Eye and Elemental Pact. Add in other buffs, and she becomes a nuke that can annihilate anything in her path.


  • Magic Attacker focused on exploiting elemental weaknesses.
  • Has the highest damage-output potential in the game (alongside Sienna and Ba’Thraz).
  • 2nd highest MAG, tied with Ba’Thraz.
  • 2nd highest TP.
  • Has both single-target and area-of-effect skills.
  • Has access to the Coat skills, that can imbue the whole party with elemental damage.
  • One of the only characters who can remove enemy’s buffs (Cleanse).


  • Some of the lowest defensive stats (HP, DEF, and MND) in the cast.
  • Below-average AGI means she needs buffs to get more turns.


Robb – The Archer

Rob, The Archer, is an interesting character to have on your team in Chained Echoes. While some players may underestimate his value, Rob brings unique status effect abilities to the table. One of his most notable abilities is Leg Shot, which reduces the AGI of enemies. This is a rare debuff that can be incredibly valuable in battle, and only one other character, Kylian, has a similar ability.

But that’s not all – Rob is also the only character, besides the use of Crystals and certain Class abilities, who can inflict Poison and Toxic. His Pandemic skill is especially helpful, as it spreads these status effects to all enemies.

Rob’s Trap abilities are also worth noting. He can place a trap on one of his allies, and if that ally is attacked, the trap is triggered. The Leaf Hood accessory, exclusive to Rob, can even increase the chances of the trap not disappearing after it has been triggered.

In boss fights, Rob’s Ultra Move, Nature’s Springwell, is a game-changer. It removes debuffs from the entire party and raises their resistance while also removing the enemies’ own resistances. This makes it an incredibly useful tool to have in your arsenal.

Rob may not be the flashiest character in Chained Echoes, but he brings a lot of value to the table with his unique status effect abilities, trap skills, and powerful Ultra Move.


  • Can cripple enemies with a variety of status effects.
  • Traps are very useful when used in tandem with a tank.
  • Ultra Move is loaded with utility.
  • Can deal very high damage with Charging.
  • Has skills to cure status effects.
  • One of the few characters with Increase Drops passive.


  • Mediocre to poor stats across the board.
  • Low damage outside of Charging.
  • His niche can be filled by other characters by using status effect Crystals and multi-hit attacks.


Victor – The Bard

Rob, The Archer, is a noteworthy character to have on your team in Chained Echoes. While he may not be as universally acclaimed as some characters, Rob brings unique abilities to the table that can be incredibly valuable in battle.

Unlike some characters who excel in a narrow role, Rob is a versatile character who can inflict status effects, place traps, and remove debuffs from the party. His Leg Shot ability is especially noteworthy, as it can reduce an enemy’s AGI – a rare and valuable debuff. Rob is also the only character, outside of Crystals and certain Class abilities, who can inflict Poison and Toxic.

In addition, Rob’s Nature’s Springwell Ultra Move can be a game-changer in boss fights, as it removes debuffs from the entire party, raises their resistance, and removes the enemies’ own resistances. This makes it a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

While Victor may be the first support character you get in the game, Rob’s versatility and unique abilities make him a valuable addition to your party. His skills are not just limited to support – he can also deal damage and inflict debuffs on enemies.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a character who can fill a variety of roles in battle, Rob is definitely worth considering. His unique abilities and versatile skill set make him a valuable asset to any party.


  • Fits the typical bard archetype: lots and lots utility.
  • Has some of the most useful buffs and debuffs in the game.
  • The definitive support, fitting in any team composition.
  • 3rd highest MND.
  • 4th highest TP.
  • Very useful Ultra Move.


  • All his other stats except for MND and TP are mediocre to low.
  • Lowest AGI in the game, tied with Magnolia.


Sienna – The Ronin

Sienna, The Ronin, is a powerful character in Chained Echoes, known for her exceptional speed and damage output. She is one of the most lethal members of the cast, with the ability to achieve an impressive +80% critical chance. With such a high critical hit rate, Sienna is a force to be reckoned with and can quickly dispatch enemies with ease.

One of Sienna’s most unique abilities is Pilfer, which allows her to steal items from enemies. This ability is particularly useful because, unlike the Bandit Class Emblem’s Easy Robbery, Pilfer has a 100% chance of success at rank 3. This makes Sienna an ideal character to have on your team when you’re in need of rare or valuable items.

In addition to her exceptional damage output, Sienna also has a unique ability called Petal Storm. This ability has a chance to proc when Sienna uses certain attacks, allowing her to use the corresponding skill if it’s equipped. This can be especially potent in the early game, before she learns Dragonfang, which has a damage multiplier of x3.4 – one of the highest in the game, tied with her own Iaijutsu.

Despite her primary role as a damage dealer, Sienna can also be built into a dodge/counter tank, which can be useful in fights where bosses use mostly physical attacks. This is a unique approach to tanking that can be highly effective when used correctly.

Sienna is a versatile and powerful character in Chained Echoes, and her unique abilities and impressive damage output make her a valuable asset to any party.


  • Fits a mix of Samurai / Thief archetype: lots of speed and high damage.
  • Has one of the highest damage-output potential in the entire game, alongside Lenne and Ba’Thraz.
  • Boasts high offensive and defensive stats.
  • Highest AGI and CRIT in the game.
  • Her stealing is guaranteed at max rank.
  • Has plenty to increase AGI and dodge rate.
  • Powerful Ultra Move that increases her crit chance.


  • Has the 3rd-lowest TP, tied with Robb. Given that Sienna takes a lot of turns due to her high AGI, she can quickly burn her skills.
  • She is so fast that the Overdrive gauge will rise a lot if there are no skills types available to Sienna for lowering it.
  • Nearly all her buffs except of Nukitsuke are selfish, only applied to her.
  • Petal Storm’s proc is too RNG based to be relied on.


Ba’Thraz – The Spellfighter

Ba’Thraz is a unique character in Chained Echoes, being a mixed fighter with a magic-based attack. His “Weapon Summon” is a unique mechanic that allows him to stack up to 3 (later up to 6) stacks by using his physical and magical attacks. These stacks can then be consumed to either deal neutral magic damage or recover HP and TP.

Unlike Lenne, Ba’Thraz uses both Light and Dark elements to deal damage. He can be a dangerous glass cannon with his abilities Berserker and Heaven or Hell that can deal absurd amounts of damage with his Ultra Move.

When used in combination with Third Eye and Elemental Pact, Ba’Thraz can break into ten thousand damages, making him a potent nuker with the right setup. As his kit is built around his weapon stacking, it’s not worth using other offensive spells from Class Emblems as they won’t contribute to his weapon stacking.


  • Magic Attacker focused on building stacks and release them for more damage or added utility.
  • Has one of the highest damage-output potential in the entire game, alongside Lenne and Sienna.
  • Second highest MAG, tied with Lenne.
  • Highest TP, tied with Amalia.
  • Has both single-target and area-of-effect skills.
  • True definition of a glass cannon.
  • One of the few characters who can remove enemy’s buffs (Dispel).
  • Shines in either quick normal battles or extended boss fights.
  • His Ultra Move is potentially the most damaging attack in the game, as one of the few that deal multiple hits.


  • Below-average defensive stats, on top of using robes, makes him very frail.
  • 4th lowest ATK means his physical abilities are not worth using.
  • Loses all his weapon stacks if he dies.
  • Competes with Lenne for class emblems and accessories.


Amalia – The Healer

Amalia is the indispensable healer of the Chained Echoes party. Unlike Victor who focuses on buffs, Amalia’s strength lies in her vast array of healing spells, which even includes mass resurrection. Additionally, Amalia has a trusty “minion” in the form of her dog, Cres, who deals damage and heals the party with certain skills.

Amalia’s healing abilities are some of the strongest in the game, and she can quickly top off any character’s health bar. While she may not have the buff potential of Victor, her healing spells are more than enough to keep the party alive through even the toughest of battles.

In terms of offensive capabilities, Amalia’s attack spells may not pack as much punch as other characters, but her Dog Summon ability allows Cres to deal consistent damage while also healing the party. With proper setup, Amalia can be a reliable source of both offense and support.

Her Ultra Move, Resurrection Beacon, is a true lifesaver in dire situations, reviving all fallen allies with full health and TP. Make sure to keep Amalia safe during battles, as losing her means losing one of the most valuable members of the party.


  • Fits the typical healer / medic archetype: primarily healing spells.
  • Highest MND.
  • Highest TP, tied with Ba’Thraz.
  • Average MAG.
  • Can mass resurrect with both her Raise All as well her Ultra Move, Howl of Healing.


  • All his other stats except for MND, TP and MAG are very low, some of the lowest in the game.
  • Low HP and DEF makes her incredibly frail.
  • Very limited offensive capabilities.
  • Unable to use Shaman’s Spirits because of Cres being active 100% of the time.


Egyl, The Fortress

Egyl is the ultimate wall you’ll want to have in your party. As the first dedicated tank you’ll encounter in Chained Echoes, he’s designed to absorb damage and mitigate it. He’s particularly adept at reducing physical damage, but his high defensive stats and HP pool make him an effective tank for all types of enemies. Unlike Glenn’s Decoy, which only affects one target, Egyl’s Attention! taunts all enemies, making him an excellent aggro controller.

Egyl’s array of self-healing abilities makes him self-sustainable and resilient, ensuring that he can soak up even the most brutal attacks. His low AGI makes him a prime candidate for reserve duty. You can link him to a faster character, and then swap him in at the beginning of a battle to taunt enemies and protect your allies.


  • Fits the typical tank archetype: very sturdy and hard to take down.
  • High HP and DEF.
  • Average ATK.
  • Plenty of abilities and passives to increase Hate generation.
  • Ultra Move makes party immune to physical damage.
  • Amazing self-sustain and survivability.


  • Lowest MND, making him a poor tank for fights versus magical users.
  • 2nd lowest TP and AGI.
  • Poor personal damage.


Tomke, The Gourmand

Tomke is a unique character in Chained Echoes, with a quirky yet powerful skill set. He operates similarly to a Final Fantasy Blue Mage, where he learns new abilities by consuming his enemies. Despite his appearance, Tomke is one of the best characters in the game, with well-balanced stats across the board, making him a versatile option for any role.

At the start of the game, Tomke only has access to one skill, Uncanny Encounter, which can only be used against enemies he can learn skills from. Fortunately, the game highlights these enemies with a “Canned” box, indicating they can be consumed. To make the most out of Tomke’s unique ability, players can check Jedo’s guide or watch PrimeraEspada91’s video walkthrough to discover which enemies to target.

One exclusive accessory, the Can Machine, can be equipped to Tomke, allowing him to eat enemies with HP below 50%, doubling the range of his learning potential. With his uncanny skills and flexible role options, Tomke is a valuable addition to any player’s party.


  • Typical Blue Mage from Final Fantasy, learning skills from enemies
  • Very balanced and above average stats.
  • Abilities learned from enemies offer plenty of damage and utility.
  • Flexibility makes him fit in any party setup.
  • Has access to all the Killer passives that gives bonus damage against specific enemy types.


  • Uncanny Encounter can only be used.
  • Very weak until learning more useful and powerful skills.
  • Doesn’t have any passive skill that really stands out.


Mikah, The Martial Artist

Mikah is the second optional character that you can add to your party, but only if you’ve recruited Tomke first. She is a versatile martial artist with a unique twist: her skills are designed to work in combination with one another, resulting in powerful damage spikes when executed correctly. With careful timing and planning, Mikah’s combos can lead to devastating results in battle. Her skillset also includes several debuffs and stuns, making her a valuable asset when facing tougher enemies. With her high speed and agility, Mikah can easily dart around the battlefield, making her a formidable force in any situation.


  • Fits the typical monk archetype: high damage and speed but poor defensive stats.
  • Insanely high damage output potential.
  • Highest ATK.
  • 2nd highest AGI.
  • Powerful abilities that get empowered as others are used.


  • Very glass cannon, with some of the lowest stats in the game outside of ATK and AGI.
  • Lowest TP.
  • 2nd lowest DEF, tied with Magnolia.
  • Her combo system makes her gameplay one-dimensional, lacking flexibility.

Magnolia, The Mystic

Magnolia is a powerful magic-based attacker and the third optional character you can recruit. With the highest MAG stat in the game, she can deal devastating damage using a variety of elemental spells, making her an excellent addition to any party.

One unique mechanic of Magnolia’s gameplay is her card system. Whenever she casts a spell, a card is drawn with a value ranging from 1 to 10, which determines the spell’s strength. This adds an exciting element of chance to her attacks, keeping battles unpredictable and exciting.

Additionally, Magnolia has a special ability to transform into her Fairy Queen form once per battle, which enhances any spells cast with a card value of 8 or above. This makes her a force to be reckoned with, especially against tough enemies and bosses.

Overall, Magnolia is a versatile and formidable character, perfect for players who enjoy a strategic approach to combat and dealing massive damage from afar.


  • Magic Attacker with a wide array of spells that cover all elements.
  • Highest MAG.
  • 3rd-highest TP.
  • Skills can be empowered depending on the card number when cast.


  • Other than MAG, all her other stats are between mediocre and low.
  • Lowest AGI, tied with Victor (but somehow she feels even slower).
  • Damage output is very RNG dependent, making it unreliable.
  • enne is better than her in every aspect.

Raphael, The Inquisitor

As the fourth and final optional character in Chained Echoes, Raphael brings a unique set of skills to the party. As a magic tank, he excels at mitigating magical damage, and his abilities make him a valuable asset in any battle. While he generates less hate than Egyl, Raphael makes up for it with powerful party utility and the ability to deal considerable damage. Whether you’re facing a group of powerful spellcasters or taking on a boss with devastating magical attacks, Raphael is a reliable choice to have by your side.


  • Fits the typical Paladin archetype: sturdy and with support-oriented skills.
  • 2nd highest HP and DEF.
  • 3rd highest ATK.
  • 3rd highest DEF, same with Glenn.
  • 2nd highest MND.
  • High MND makes him useful as a healer.
  • Ultra Move makes party immune to magical damage.


  • Not very effective on fights where enemies don’t use magic.
  • Only has one taunt skill.

tech-points-in-chained-echoes (1)

Chained Echoes Tech Points

In Chained Echoes, Tech Points are a resource that is used to unlock new abilities and upgrade existing ones for your characters. Tech Points are earned through combat and are awarded at the end of battles.

As your characters level up and gain experience, they will also earn Tech Points that can be spent to unlock new abilities and upgrade their existing ones. Each character has their own unique set of abilities that can be upgraded, and the cost of each upgrade varies depending on the ability.

Tech Points can also be spent to unlock new equipment and weapons for your characters, allowing them to access new combat options and further customize their playstyle. Additionally, players can spend Tech Points to learn new crafting recipes and upgrade their crafting abilities.

Tech Points are a valuable resource in Chained Echoes that allow players to customize their characters and gain an edge in combat. By carefully managing your Tech Points and choosing the right upgrades and abilities, you can create a powerful and versatile party that can take on any challenge the game throws your way.

crystal-farming-in-chained echoes

Chained Echoes Crystal Guide

Enhance Your Gameplay with Crystal System

While it’s not mandatory to use the crystal system to complete the game, it offers players an opportunity to increase their character’s passive skills, granting access to unique abilities not available otherwise. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Chained Echoes crystal system and how it can enhance your gameplay experience.

Are crystals necessary to beat the game?

In short, no. Players can complete the game without ever engaging with the crystal system. However, the crystal system offers an opportunity to increase your character’s passive skills, granting access to unique abilities not available otherwise. With the maximum number of crystals per weapon, players can get three skills on their weapon and three skills on their armor, giving them six more skills. A character can double the number of passive skills they have equipped with full use of the crystal system, not to mention gaining access to some skills they normally don’t have.

Why worry about crystals?

The crystal system is a way to maximise the number of passive skills your character has, which can help with various aspects of the game, such as:

  • Dedicating a slot to a healer to keep your damage dealers healed every turn.
  • Dealing more damage.
  • Increasing critical hit chance.
  • Reducing enemy mobility.
  • Crippling your enemies with status effects.
  • Soloing the superboss with Sienna.

Additionally, some of the crystals players pick up on a normal playthrough can lead to a drastic power boost that helps throughout the game. It’s not too difficult to get two abilities on each equipment, which will still almost double the number of abilities at the player’s disposal.

Crystal Stats

Understanding the stats of crystals is crucial to optimising the crystal system. Here is what players need to know:

Rank: The ability of a crystal ranges from level 1-3. For example, the ATK UP ability gives +10% at level 1, +20% at level 2, and +30% at level 3.

The level 1 ability is unlocked for crystals that are Rank III and Rank IV. Level 2 is Rank V – Rank IX. Level 3 is Rank X+. Higher the Rank, the better.

A crystal you mine can range from Rank I – III, and combining is needed to go higher. Rank I and II crystals cannot be inserted into equipment and are only useful for combining.

Purity: Ranges from 0 – 5. The purity of a crystal is how many times a crystal can be combined with other crystals. The higher the purity, the better.

Size: Ranges from 1 – 3. The equipment has up to four sockets when upgraded twice. The size of a crystal determines how many sockets it uses on a weapon. It’s essential to note that a piece of equipment can only have a maximum of three abilities, so putting four size 1 crystals will only give you the first three abilities.

It’s difficult to create a Size 1 Rank X crystal, so if you manage to create any, it’s suggested to save them for the best equipment in the game since the crystals won’t be the same when you remove them (more details on this later).

Combining Crystals

To maximise the crystal system’s potential, combining crystals is crucial. Here is what players need to know:

Players can combine crystals with the same abilities. For example, they can combine an ATK UP crystal with another ATK UP crystal (with some restrictions), but they cannot combine an ATK UP crystal with a DEF UP crystal. When players perform a combination, the resulting crystal becomes artificial (has a * next to the name).

Equipment and Crystal Recommendations

Now that you understand the crystal system, it’s time to think about which crystals to use on your equipment. Here are some recommendations to get you started:


  • ATK UP III: Boosts your physical attack power.
  • MAG UP III: Boosts your magic attack power.
  • CRIT UP III: Increases your critical hit rate.
  • CRIT DMG UP III: Increases your critical hit damage.
  • POISON ATK III: Adds poison status effect to your attacks.
  • FREEZE ATK III: Adds freeze status effect to your attacks.
  • SHOCK ATK III: Adds shock status effect to your attacks.
  • HEAL UP III: Increases the amount of HP restored by healing skills.


  • DEF UP III: Boosts your physical defense.
  • MAG DEF UP III: Boosts your magic defense.
  • STATUS DEF III: Increases your resistance to status effects.
  • COUNTER III: Counterattacks when hit with a physical attack.
  • MAGIC COUNTER III: Counterattacks when hit with a magic attack.
  • EVASION UP III: Increases your evasion rate.

It’s worth noting that these recommendations are not exhaustive, and you can experiment with different crystals to find the combination that works best for you.

The crystal system may seem complicated at first, but it can be a powerful tool to increase your characters’ abilities and give you an edge in battles. By using the right crystals and combining them effectively, you can unlock new passive skills and gain access to status effects that can turn the tide of a battle.

Whether you’re a completionist who wants to farm for the best crystals or a casual player who just wants to experiment with the system, the crystal system is a valuable addition to Chained Echoes. So don’t be afraid to dive in and see what the crystals can do for you!


Chained Echoes Map

These maps will show the locations of all FLIGHT-accessible crystals. We understand that its a hard game to complete so hopefully, these will help. Above are the Rohlan Fields and below are the Kortara Mountain Range.

Kortara Mountain Range
Below, I have also outlined the Flower Fields of Perpetua, Arkant Archipelago, and Shambala.

Flower Fields of Perpetua


Ograne Grottos

And finally the above is Ograne Grottos.


Carnival Mini-games in Chained Echoes

At the start of Chained Echoes, players will take control of Ser Victor, a well-known author who is accompanied by his goat-like companion, Heinlein. Upon gaining control of Victor, players will have the opportunity to engage in three mini-games that award credits: Dapple Devour, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown. While these credits can be exchanged for rewards from a red-haired employee in the area, it’s worth noting that the rewards are not intended to be obtained by players. Fans of classic JRPGs can visit the rewards area and speak with the employee once they’ve had their fill of the mini-games.

Dapple Devour

Speak to the apple-headed employee on the right side of the rewards area to play Dapple Devour. This mini-game costs 10 credits to play, and requires players to repeatedly press a button to consume food. Every plate of food consumed earns one credit, so skilled button mashers can quickly amass credits through this mini-game.


Players can challenge the green hand-costumed employee below the rewards area to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. To win, players should throw rock, then scissors, and then paper. NPCs in the area provide hints about the employee’s strategy, allowing players to determine the sequence for themselves. A victory in this game awards around 50 credits.

Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown

This mini-game is a turtle race located in the bottom-right corner of the carnival area. Players must select the turtle that they believe will win the race, and the turtle that says “TURTLE” is guaranteed to win. Interact with each turtle to identify the winning one, and earn credits with each correct pick.

While the credits earned through these mini-games do not provide any tangible benefits, they can be a fun diversion for players looking for a break from the main story. Enjoy the carnival games, but don’t forget to return to the adventure waiting in Chained Echoes.

Chained Echoes Mods:

Mod Name:
Randomized gameplay experience and harder difficulty for a challenge

What It Does:
Some of the core gameplay elements of Chained Echoes get randomized and altered. Randomization can be configured via text file.

Mod Name:
Skippable Splash Screen

What It Does:
Ever started up Chained Echoes and wished you could skip the splash screen? Well, now you can!

Mod Name:
UltraWide Mod

What It Does:
Ever wished you could play Chained Echoes in ultrawide? Well, now you can!

Chained Echoes Controller Support

On consoles, Chained Echoes can be played with a controller easily. However, some Steam players have complained about issues with certain controllers. If you have any issues with the PS5 controller support follow these instructions:

  • Enter big picture mode.
  • Make sure windows/steam, plus the game’s controller settings all look good.
  • Make sure drivers are working and up to date for it if applicable.
  • Reboot your PC.


Work In Progress

This Chained Echoes Guide will grow as I complete more sections. If you have any questions or areas that you would like it to cover, add them in the comments below

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